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Author’s Welcome

It’s about ordinary people who did the extraordinary.  I searched for this book for a long time and couldn’t find it.  Subsequently, I invested two years writing the anthology based on the material I’d presented for a decade in various outreach and instructional venues.  The short-stories are true, the protagonists are real, and the themes – dealing with choice, “story”, character, heroism, and change – are epic.  I know it’ll be a most compelling read and that it’ll touch lives in positive and enduring ways.  It was written to be cherished, re-read, and shared over a lifetime.  It’s one of the reasons I wrote it.  In addition to personal enjoyment, readers are encouraged to utilize it for instructional purposes in home education, Sunday school, traditional classroom, recovery center, ministry, workplace, prison, and missions.  It’s not only passively alright to share the stories, you’ll want to actively do so and may proceed with my blessing.

An overview, free e-book sample, and purchase details are located at: anekopress.com/product/a-storytellers-anthology/.  Substantial quantity discounts and “Kingdom Code” honor-code pricing are available when the anthology is used as a fund-raising project and in prison or missions ministry.  It also makes a great gift and an effective fundraising product.  If you’d like to: obtain a personalized copy, schedule a speaking engagement, or offer comments; please send an e-mail to [email protected].  I look forward to receiving your input.

Counsel for the journey and inspiration to finish well,
Doug Feavel


About the Book

A captivating combination of epic tales, heroic character profiles, and timeless parables, this inspiring anthology is filled with unforgettable people who challenged and changed their world in remarkable and admirable ways. You’ll be introduced to personalities who are living and historical, familiar and unknown, domestic and foreign. Prepare to meet pilots, farmers, missionaries, engineers, martyrs, businessmen, pioneers, presidents, soldiers, writers, and scientists – whose shared motivations become a part of us and our heritage. Together they answer the pertinent questions of our time: What makes a genuine hero? Why is a hero’s life worth understanding?  How does a hero personify favorable character?

Each story will find its special place in head and heart – dwelling there to influence the critical choices ahead of us. From Preface to Epilogue, each page advocates making a positive impact on others and mastering the days we are given. Readers depart with an abiding conviction of the real difference one committed life will make. No matter our past or where we find ourselves today, we will be inspired to finish well.

Good lives make a good book and Douglas Feavel knows it. These are the tales he tells with zest; these are the tales you will long treasure. Search, but you’ll not find another like this one. Enjoy the dynamic portraits; then share them in family, church, workplace, ministry and educational settings, because that’s how they began, and that’s why they were written.


About the Author

Douglas Feavel retired after thirty-seven years in technology marketing and management positions. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and a master’s degree in Christian education from Bethany Divinity College. He and his wife, Barbara, have been married for nearly fifty years. Appleton, Wisconsin is their hometown, but Vincennes, Indiana is their current base. They volunteer at non-profits in teaching, outreach, and ministry roles domestically and abroad when not with their children and grandchildren. Speaking engagements may be arranged through contact at dougfeavel dot com, and bulk purchase discounts are available through www.anekopress.com/contact-us.



“Told like the storytellers of a bygone era. Every story has a moral lesson to be added to the reader’s soul. Best read by firelight with cocoa.”
– Kim Frolander, author of the Israel Basics series

“This is a fascinating and wide-ranging look at unique individuals whose lives have significantly impacted the lives of others. The author has gathered together the details surrounding each life that are sure to inspire and speak to each of us today.”
– Jim Kregel, Kregel Parable Christian Stores – Grand Rapids/Grandville



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