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“My friend Glen Graber’s remarkable story unfolds in my own ancestral land of Daviess County, Indiana. In this narrative, I see and sense the indefinable pulse that is Daviess.

Names and places I’ve heard spoken from my youth. Glen’s amazing life story exemplifies how it’s possible to pick up and emerge from tough, hardscrabble roots, to triumph over adversity and forge a better life. And it speaks so much to our shared cultural ideals of faith, humility, hard work, gratitude and persistence. I’m glad Glen decided to share his journey in this memoir.”

Ira Wagler, author of New York Times Best-Seller Growing Up Amish


About the Book

An Amish Boy and a Mother’s Prayer takes readers into the heart of Daviess County, Indiana, where Glen Graber was raised. His family was swiftly kicked out of the Old Order Amish church when Glen’s dad bought a rubber-tired tractor. Then Glen’s mother died, and left him with a request: She had been praying for a business that would alleviate the family’s financial hardship, and asked Glen to take responsibility for the family’s future. Despite the pressure, Glen and his family found hope and humor each day as God miraculously answered their mother’s prayer.

More than a biography, this book is about a boy being determined to change his place in the world, and the miraculous reversals of misfortune. It’s about the prayers of a mother, the idiosyncrasies and love of a father, and the strength of a family. It is, in other words, the story of us.


About the Author

Glen Graber - Age 12Glen S. Graber was born in Davies County, Indiana. In 1973 he founded Graber Post Buildings. The company went on to be a huge success, and in 1993, Glen received Indiana’s award for Entrepreneur of the Year. He now winters in Florida with his wife Mary Jane.



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