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Note from Dale

Everyday on the calendar means something.  July 23 is Hot Dog Day, but it may also be a friend’s birthday or your anniversary.  September 10 is National T.V. Dinner day, but it’s also the day I discovered my mother had terminal cancer.  It’s also the day before a great tragedy unfolded on September 11, 2001.

We circle dates on the calendar for birthdays, anniversaries, special celebrations like graduations or baptisms, but it’s inconceivable to circle a date in the future for when affliction will burst on the scene.  I have learned through my battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a rare brain virus and the loss of an unborn child that affliction has a date circled on every person’s calendar.  It’s coming.  One day affliction will knock on your door and invade your home, your peace of mind, your bank account, or your vital organs.

My memoir, Hope and Help from a Cancer Survivor, is my best effort to share what my faith taught me about trusting The Lord when I walked through the valley of the darkest dark.


About the Book

Every cancer patient wants hope. They need hope. But in order to have hope, one needs to know what hope is. It’s not a vague, barely grasp-able concept. Hope is real, and it starts with knowing Someone cares. Hope is facing each day with Purpose. Hope is in essence rock-solid Faith.

Hope and Help is a man’s story of his battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a central nervous system attack called progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy/JC virus. In the middle of this, doctors discovered his granddaughter had a brain tumor. But what should have killed him only made him stronger and more determined to fulfil his God-given purpose in life.


About the Authors

Dale Morrison resides near Abilene, Texas with his wife Nancy. He is an entrepreneur, land developer, and ordained minister. Dale is the founder of Hope and Help Ministry, a Christian outreach to cancer patients. Dale and Nancy have three grown children, Courtney, Emily, and Malory. They are blessed with eight grandchildren. Connect with Dale at www.HopeandHelp.net

Dr. Jacob West lives in Stamford, Texas with his wife Emily. Jacob received his Doctor of Ministry Degree from Hardin-Simmons University in 2013. He is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Stamford. Jacob and Emily have three young children, Ellie, Ryan, and Natalie.



Dale Morrison’s story reminds us that life with cancer or adversity of any kind requires resiliency and perseverance. Each page of Hope and Help from a Cancer Survivor tells a narrative of faith, hope, and love that will provide encouragement and inspiration to the countless individuals enduring the extra mile of cancer.
Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys’ Hall of Fame Quarterback

I am a scientist, and as such, I have been trained to look for logical, science-based explanations for events. And yet, I am mindful of Dale’s enormous faith in God that incorporates a fervent prayer life that seeks God’s guidance, healing, and answers to tribulations and trials. I know that Dale and his family and friends have approached God through prayerful petition on his behalf, asking for victory over his illness. It is evident that they give God the credit for his recovery, whether it was miraculous or brought about by the wisdom bestowed by God upon Dale’s treating physicians. Regardless of one’s belief, we can all be encouraged that science and faith meshed together to result in a healthy man who overcame dismal and bleak odds to regain his health and vitality. For that, we can all agree: “This was a miracle.”
J. Donald Capra, MD, the late President Emeritus of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation who died from a brain tumor in February 2015



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