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The Author’s Welcome

I am delighted you are participating in my book’s blog tour!  In Search of Persons of Peace, is a compilation of exciting stories that not only explain the concept of persons of peace, but will inspire you to join in the search and share your faith as never before.  The stories will thrill your heart and move you to action

I believe this is a book that Christians need in our nation.  Many Christians do not share their faith and have no understanding of the concept of persons of peace. I hope you will enjoy the stories so much, you will want to pass on the inspiration and order copies for your Christian friends and family. My prayer is that God will use the book to multiply inspiration for sharing Jesus.

– Carolyn Knight


About the Book

But whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’ And if a son of peace is there, your peace will rest on it; if not, it will return to you. (Luke 10:5-6)

In Search of Persons of Peace is packed with extraordinary stories that will thrill your heart and motivate you to action… Encounter famous historical missionaries whose lives and ministries were forever changed through encounters with persons of peace. Enjoy with fresh insight the New Testament persons of peace stories. Discover individuals who are today seeing countless souls saved as a result of finding persons of peace.

God has receptive people, persons of peace, of every age and every walk of life who are ready to influence multitudes for Christ. He uses us to find them and share his life-changing message. Persons of peace then become a bridge to their families, friends, and acquaintances. When God connects a witness to a person of peace, witnesses multiply incredibly fast. Persons of peace are all around us. Will you join in the search to find them?


About the Author

Dr. Carolyn Knight was mentored in evangelism at an early age by her father. She served as a pioneer evangelist and church planter in East Africa for ten years and has personally experienced the results of finding persons of peace. Today, she assists in facilitating church-planting movements in Asia with Every Community for Christ (ECC), and is a trainer for new missionaries at One Mission Society. Carolyn is the founder of Light in Darkness Ministry, a ministry rescuing women working in the sex industry. Carolyn has a passion to inspire and empower Christians to share their faith. For more information or to schedule a personal evangelism workshop for your church or other group, contact Carolyn at [email protected].



Persons of peace as referred to in Scripture (cf. Luke 10:5-7) serve as relational human bridges whom God can use in the spread of the good news of Christ, even in resistant settings. Dr. Carolyn Knight provides historical, biblical, and current-day stories of these God-prepared people. She also lays out instructions, all biblically rooted, on how to find persons of peace, using them to access lost people with the good news of Christ. By putting the persons of peace concept to work, we can multiply opportunities for people to know Christ. For this reason, I’m ‘in’ …. I heartily commend Dr. Knight’s work to all Great Commission workers!”

Bob Fetherlin, President, One Mission Society

“Mission practitioners will be challenged by this hands-on author’s narratives, biblical illustrations, and evidence-based suggestions. The principles explained will assist local churches and missions teams with multiplying evangelism and long-lasting discipleship. Thoughtful practitioners of the Great Commission should read and apply.”

Bill Smith, Global Church Planting Movement trainer; Retired Vice President for Church Planting of East-West Ministries International



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