Less than Two Percent Chance

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He fell asleep at the wheel. What happened next is a powerful picture of how God intercedes when people pray.

Doctors gave Lareau Lindquist a 2% chance to live, but those odds changed when thousands of people prayed. Almighty God heard them and that adds the odds, from 2% to a 100% miracle!
John Pudaite
President, Bibles For The World


He fell asleep at the wheel. What happened next is a powerful picture of how God intercedes when people pray.

Lareau Lindquist had just returned from a missionary trip to Africa, having flown thirty-seven hours to O’Hare Airport, then on to Rockford where he was almost late to officiate his daughter’s wedding. After the ceremony, he evidently fell asleep at the wheel only a few miles from home. Lareau later described his accident as a fatality – one that should’ve taken his life. Emergency doctors warned, “There’s only a two percent chance he’ll live through the night.” However, the stage was being prepared minutes, even seconds, before the crash.

The news of Lareau’s accident spread like wildfire, and immediately thousands of people – across the U.S., Africa, India, South America, and Europe – began praying for Lareau to live. In India alone, 3,000 people gathered together to pray for Lareau, and numerous other groups of hundreds and thousands began praying. No one person was behind the great prayer avalanche – which could only be explained as a miracle. Was it a coincidence that Lareau survived that night and went on to fully recover? We don’t think so.


About the Author

LAREAU LINDQUIST has had a career as a pastor in churches in Nebraska, Minnesota, California, and Illinois, along with his wife Evelyn (Evie). In 1986 Lareau and Evie Lindquist had a two week assignment with Wycliffe Bible Translators in South America. While there they saw the positive results of their assignment, and they made a decision to start an ongoing ministry of encouragement with assignments in other countries of the world. That concept led to their founding of Barnabas International, now in its 28th year of ministry. Lareau Lindquist is an international speaker and author of several published books.



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