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By the author of The Cost of Our Silence, one of Aneko Press’s bestselling titles. Now, David Fiorazo addresses our culture’s delusions of replacing God and calling evil good.

We now live in a culture that has embraced moral relativism, a generation that no longer believes truth can be known. Right and wrong, good and evil are measured by feelings and opinions. It is all part of a satanic delusion and much is at stake. Redefining Truth provides answers and biblical perspective to the most pressing issues in today’s postmodern society.

Practically everything in life changes, but if God never changes and if absolute truth exists, then this investigation matters tremendously. You will be informed as we evaluate the overwhelming evidence supporting Christianity. You’ll also be encouraged to cultivate an eternal perspective even as attacks on believers are increasing. Redefining Truth will show you how to respond to others in a loving and confident way. This book will also help you successfully navigate through the noise, agendas, distractions, and confusion prevalent in America today. It will give you facts, history, and Scripture you can use to answer skeptics and challenge others to consider the truth of Jesus Christ. No decision is more critical.




“This book will both disturb and comfort those who read it. As Fiorazo documents the multitude of assaults against truth which are gaining traction in our world, the reader will most likely teeter on the brink of despair.  But as the author reminds us of the unchangeable, ever enduring, all sufficient Word of God, which contains the truth that liberates both now and eternally, faith will be strengthened and hope embraced.”
– Gary E. Gilley, Pastor-teacher, Southern View Chapel, Springfield, Illinois; Director, Think on These Things Ministries

“The title of David Fiorazo’s important new book, Redefining Truth, illustrates how modern culture has lost its way. The eternal and essential truths of biblical revelation cannot be redefined, they shine forth as clear beacons for those with eyes to see. Rather, it is secular, postmodern culture that deconstructs truth, shrouding the world in ever-encroaching moral and spiritual darkness. With great lucidity, Fiorazo illuminates the path by which the shadows of materialism and relativism seek to obscure truth, and then reorients the reader back to the unerring light of God’s word. This engaging and well-written book offers something for readers of all ages and faith backgrounds, providing much more than a candle’s worth of hope and inspiration for a culture all too eager to embrace the dark.”
– Dr. Duke Pesta, Academic Director, Freedom Project Academy 

“The western world as a whole and the U.S. in particular have lost their moral compass and their Judeo Christian foundation. As a result, this has produced a very confused and conflicting culture that is getting further away from God’s Word and His standard. David Fiorazo has a clear understanding of the issues our nation and churches face. He has addressed these issues in a biblical and thoughtful way that will help the reader make sense of a confusing world. David is a talented writer and this book will be beneficial resource and a call to action for everyone, especially the Christian.”
– Elijah Abraham, Founder of Living Oasis Ministries

“Can the truth still make us free? Of course it can, and David Fiorazo’s compelling new book helps us apply the unchanging foundation of God’s word to our present cultural warfare, and then share it with those who are blinded by today’s glittering yet deceptive climate. Articulate and insightful as always, David has given us yet another powerful resource and apologetic tool. Every Christian needs to read this book and share with at least five friends!”
– Linda Harvey, President, Mission America; Columnist; Author; Radio Host

“Our post-truth culture desperately needs the hope every believer possesses in Jesus Christ. Redefining Truth offers convincing facts and arguments pointing us to that hope. With a real understanding of current issues, David Fiorazo provides well thought out solutions as well as biblical evidence that demands consideration. This book is a must read for every follower of Christ.”
– Jerry Lewin, Pastor, Crosspoint Church, De Pere, WI

David Fiorazo, one of the most brilliant author’s I know, is notably humble yet intensely bold in raising a standard for biblical truth in a post-modern culture. I am confident that this book, Redefining Truth, will play a profound part in helping the reader discern God’s truth while defining the foundation of the gospel that saves us!
– Cindy Hartline, Host, Love For The Truth Radio Philadelphia

“I count David as a dear friend and brother in Christ. His passion for biblical truth is contagious. His sincere heart and genuine concern for the state of the church in these end times is met with a compassion that is disarming, allowing the message to be heard and, more importantly, taken to heart. We can all learn much from David’s eagerness to get back to the scriptures and live without compromise.”
–Tony Palacio, Good Fight Ministries 

“While many in the Church waver under the pressures of secularism and unbiblical thinking, David Fiorazo is counted among the clear voices enunciating God’s truth in these troubling times.”
– Eric Barger, Take A Stand Ministries; Author

David Fiorazo has an uncompromising, hard-hitting writing style overflowing with compassion for all people, and his perspective is soundly based upon the truth of God’s Word… He is one of my most articulate radio guests.
– Jan Markell, Founder, Olive Tree Ministries; Author


Table of Contents

  1. Truth or Consequences
  2. How the Enemy Advances
  3. One-way Tolerance & The Transgender Agenda
  4. Truth & Facts Don’t Care about Feelings & Trends
  5. Lies of the Left: Pelosi Politics
  6. Relativism in the Church
  7. Israel’s True Prophetic History
  8. Fighting for Religious Freedom
  9. Can Natural Marriage Be Saved?
  10. The Real War on Women: Lies about Life
  11. Entertaining Demons in America
  12. Seduced by Scientology
  13. Atheism, Gnosticism, New Age, and Wicca
  14. Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and More Truth about False Religions
  15. What About Mormonism and Roman Catholicism?
  16. That’s a Wrap!


About the Author

David Fiorazo ( is an author, public speaker, content contributor, and co-host of the daily radio talk show Stand Up for the Truth. He has been involved in Christian ministry for over twenty five years and the broadcasting industry for over thirty years. He loves the living Word of the only true God and seeks to defend and proclaim Christ without apology or compromise. David has spoken at church groups, political groups, men’s retreats, festivals, and education conferences. He also fills the pulpit, sharing from God’s Word at Sunday services on occasion and is open to speaking opportunities. He and his wife, Rosanna, live near Green Bay, Wisconsin.




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7 reviews for Redefining Truth

  1. Mary

    My first impression of the title was maybe this book is about changing the truth up. Not so! This book is written in order to lead anyone back to the real truth. The unchanging and enlightened word of Almighty God is the only way. This is found by reading the Holy Scriptures, not in a mind numbing rabbit trail sermon and watered down “easy” religion. Meanwhile the ongoing destruction of Christ and his message has already begun in removed crosses, watered down messages, cheapening God’s grace, all found in the traditional church religions, and now moving into independent Christian churches. Calling Evil good is unacceptable.

    Society as it is today is lacking and downward spiraling. What happened to our world when we let sports figures and barely adult aged celebrity idols guide us with their sinful opinions? For years persons living, and some now passed on, have tried to warn us of this downward trend. It’s time to wake up before this world is taken from the good and destroyed by the evil. When the Devil wins there is no after-plan, destruction is the only goal.

    This book shows us the reality of this plan of destruction from ages past and what we need to do in order to take back what belongs to everyone not just the sinners. The world view is, that if you are raising any concerns, this now makes you a fearful and hateful person, no, its called discernment! This is Evil calling out good as evil.

    If there is an uneasy feeling in you that something is going very wrong, this book will define and validate that for you. The other wonderful news is that there is an after-plan to change the problem for the betterment of the life we know, a life that can be promising and productive for everyone’s benefit. It’s time now to open your eyes and fight for the real truth.  This book is a must read for every Christian follower.

I have received a review copy of this book from Aneko Press. The opinions expressed are my own.

  2. Kristen

    Redefining Truth: Delusions of Replacing God and Calling Evil Good by David Fiorazo is a book that examines the ever changing definitions of our world, America in particular, in light of Christ, the church, and culture. One of the great points made throughout the book in different ways is that in order to refute the Bible, one should read it. Many of the different individuals (who believe or don’t believe in various ideas) have not even bothered to read the Bible. In fact, some even state they won’t read it. Fiorazo does not provide a detailed explanation of all the ideas he is refuting in the book but there is information for further research to help the reader.

    The book states that Christianity is under attack because there is a fear of offending someone and Christianity offends many people because of the Bible. As the author points out, there are many Christian churches who no longer want to offend anyone so they are redefining truth and walking about from the entire message of the Bible. Tolerance is the keyword of today but if someone is really “true to themselves,” how can do they reconcile with those who differ in opinion?

    A valid point Fiorazo makes is that “true history might be covered up or rewritten, but it can never be erased” (page 99). This is stated in reference to the history of Israel and America’s relationship with that nation but it applies to so many aspects of American history today.

    Redefining Truth also examines marriage, the family, abortion, popular entertainers and their involvement in women’s issues, as well as numerous groups and movements such as Scientology, atheism, New Age, Wicca, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others. My complaint regarding these later chapters is that I felt that Fiorazo was trying to include so much information that his original message of Redefining Truth was getting lost in the details.

    In conclusion, Fiorazo advises that true religion does not contract itself and that there needs to be more discernment in the church today. I found this to be a very thought provoking book, even if one does not agree with the points that the author was trying to make in each chapter. The book jacket states that “it will give you facts, history, and Scripture you can use to answer skeptics and challenge others to consider the truth of Jesus Christ.” I would argue that the book is heavy on facts and history, but light on Scripture. There are many references and quotes from the Bible but I think it wouldn’t be remiss to include more where applicable.

    I would recommend this book to others who wish to learn more about Christianity and the world of 2017.
    I would rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

    I received a free copy of this book in return for my honest review.

  3. Tim Ried (verified owner)

    Thank You David ! This is one of the most important books that I have read in a long time. Just exactly what the church and our nation need. As a society, “we” don’t even know what truth is so when people, (yes, even many Christians), hear a good sounding lie, they don’t recognize it for what it is. “Thy Word is truth” Jn 17:17, and the first weapon we are given is “the belt of truth” (Eph 6:14). Thank you for this excellent, biblical book. If I could afford it, I would buy 150 of them and give one to each member of our church.

  4. Rebekah Palmer

    *Facts are truly facts only when they have been independently verified by people other than the source.*
    Albeit good, extra-Biblical sources were discussed on page two hundred ninety-six.

    The work it takes to write a book on the reality of America’s demise culturally and spiritually is monumental. The key to any work geared towards this expansive topic from a Biblical perspective is to realize the Bible did not start with America, nor does the Christian faith begin with America’s political machine. None of the statistics and evidence in this book point to the reality that America will not conquer all in the end times. Jesus’ purpose did not include a futuristic, capitalist nation as the Kingdom of God.

    It was hard for me as a former fundamentalist to read this book as much triggered me into my feelings and mindset during a time of great spiritual, emotional, sexual, and mental abuse. But I finished the book out of respect for Aneko Press and the author. (Fundamentalism as a system wherein beliefs are held in such high esteem by a self-proclaimed authority, causing no one to disagree, within Christian denominations, unfortunately, was not covered as a specific threat in this book’s chapters on world religions and cults; neither was Judaism for that matter which was most concerning.)

    I had high hopes for the final conclusion of this book when I read statements as on page 123: ” Who is more culpable for destroying the sanctity of marriage in America? If we are being completely honest, more evidence points to the church in America as well as to average citizens, rather than gays and lesbians.” Alas, more weight was written in that “If” as the author continued to barrage left wing politics, women, and LGBT (omitting the QIA) as America’s immoral culprits. Sadly, the Pharisaical spirit of Christ’s time is alive and well in those who would herald reality TV star President Trump and the Republican party as Christendom’s hope.

    Hollywood Trump and politicians are a crumbling foundation when we could be discussing the refuge that is Christ Jesus our King. I wish David Fiorazo would have continued with his mindset as written: “…These are not just cultural indicators; these are judgments on the Christian church and our lack of moral influence in America.” (pg.125) Such accurate statements that could have used more meat for me to chew.

  5. Corinne Plomish

    David Fiorazo brings home the idea that ‘black and white’ no longer exist. Instead we are chin-deep in the gray of life and most importantly ‘truth’. The thing is, truth isn’t gray. This author consistently presents biblical truths and political facts that somehow get muddied in our current culture. It’s a great read and one that will inform you and challenge you if you are at all searching for, well, the truth. Rock solid on every front. Corinne Plomish

  6. DeAnn & Dick

    David helps us understand more in-depth what is happening in this world and why. He breaks down each and every subject into God’s truth, never compromising. We have all of his books and refer to them on a regular basis. Excellent read!

  7. Wanda

    This book is great – just wish the Democrats, progressives, and college kids would be open-minded enough to read it. A couple of quotes I especially like are, “The NEA and some parents have no moral underpinnings and will go along with any insanity/absurdity.” “Things are happening so quickly and people seem to be abandoning truth, common sense, logic, moral absolutes, and reason.” This book is full of truth and common sense. Love it!!

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