The Death of Christian Thought

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This book will open your eyes to the rampant deception around us and help you correctly interpret the Word of God so you can stand strong in your faith to the end.

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We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ – 2 Corinthians 10:5

We are being lied to—and many professing Christians are buying the lies. Your eternal soul may be at stake. The Bible foretells a great deception and falling away from the faith in the latter days where absolute truth is discounted and moral relativism is elevated: Humanism!

The clever deception of Humanism has completely taken over government, media and public education, and has infiltrated the visible church so strongly that many churches differ little in their beliefs and teachings from the humanist views of the world.

This book will open your eyes to the rampant deception around us and help you correctly interpret the Word of God so you can stand strong in your faith to the end. It will help you open the eyes of family and friends who fall for the deception of Humanism, and point them to the eternal hope of Jesus Christ. It will teach you how to take your thoughts captive in obedience to Christ and live a life of joy, peace and obedience to God.

You will see how God designed our brain, heart and conscience to work, and how the truth of the Bible and the Holy Spirit can help you live a life of joy and peace as the world continues to spin out of control.



About the Author

Mike LeMay is an author, radio talk show host and General Manager of Q90 FM Christian Radio Station in Green Bay, WI. He has extensively covered and studied news, trends and issues pertaining to the Christian life, pointing people to the truth of God’s Word.

His latest book “The Death of Christian Thought: The Deception of Humanism and How to Protect Yourself” has received critical acclaim for its insight into how Humanism is damaging the thought process of many people, leading to a life of anxiety and worry instead of peace and joy.

Mike is also owner of Beatitudes Consulting, and meets with families and business professionals to help them find joy, peace and purpose in a world that tries to overwhelm and distract us. He can be reached at 920-676-7083 or [email protected].


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4 reviews for The Death of Christian Thought

  1. Justin Maulick

    This book is an amazing resource that offers profound insight into the deceptive culture we live in. This book will teach you how to think objectively, supported by truth, built on a solid biblical foundation in a society that thinks subjectively, supported by lies, built on a fractured foundation pieced together by humanist thoughts, personal opinions, feelings and facts, cleverly disguised as truth.

  2. A.Connell

    A great tool for those reaching out to share Christ with the “thinkers” in your circle of influence. Since 1 Corinthians 2:16 assures believers that we have the mind of Christ, should we not understand the biblical examples and principles of Godly thinking? Mike is a gifted teacher and yet the book doesn’t get too “heady” or deeply theological as to turn off those who are young in their faith and searching for biblical truths for their personal walk and for relationship building. Get ready to let the Holy Spirit rewire your thinking process!

  3. Dani M.

    LeMay writes with intensity, frankness, and urgency, seeking to explain how the Biblical worldview is dramatically fading from society. He exposes our liberalizing culture and compromising church in a way that is initially hard to swallow, but is a much needed wake up call! I appreciated his Biblically-based challenge to examine the sincerity of our faith, and explanations on how to take our thoughts captive to obey Christ. This is particularly a good read for educators, parents, and those interested in political philosophy, but anyone can benefit from its lessons.

    Disclosure – I was provided a free copy of this book for review purposes. The opinions are my own.

  4. Bonnie Annis

    Humanism. What is it and how do we fight against it? In the powerful book by Michael D. LeMay, humanism is not only clearly defined but explained in great detail.

    Humanism, as described in LeMay’s book, The Death of Christian Thought, is “An outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and good news of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.” Humanism is not only dangerous, it is deadly.

    Mr. LeMay states, in the first paragraph of his book, “America is in a crisis. The greatest nation in the history of the world, founded upon the wisdom of Judeo-Christian principle, is on the verge of total economic and social collapse as our leaders and people have abandoned God and His Word.” As I read these statements, I had to shake my head in agreement. Having lived on this Earth for nearly 60 years, I’ve seen evidence of secular humanism increase in our country year after year. LeMay says, “Ove the past one hundred years, an enemy has infiltrated the hearts and minds of American leaders and people, convincing us we know better than God how we should live in and govern our nation.” He is right. Satan is a live and well on planet Earth.

    When I first received this book to review, I didn’t think I would enjoy reading it. I hadn’t studied much about humanism and wasn’t particularly looking forward to learning about it but the more I read, the more intrigued I became. I found, through Mr. LeMay’s ability to give a prophetic outlook on the state of our nation, I was unable to put the book down. It was eye opening to read the ways Satan has infiltrated our government, our schools and most importantly our churches. I found myself saddened by the profound truth contained in The Death of Christian Thought. Mr. LeMay says, “…the enemy that is slowly infiltrating our nation and churches hopes we are so preoccupied with our daily activities that we have not noticed how he is dismantling our nation and the Christian church. Many are begin systematically conditioned to reject truth and embrace deception with grave eternal consequences.” LeMay’s book not only explains the dangers of humanism, it also presents a true picture of salvation – how to be secure in your faith and how to share it with others.

    I enjoyed the writing style Mr. LeMay used in his book. It was easy to read and understand. Each chapter contained an objective which was clearly defined. Personal examples and biblical principles were also given in each chapter. At the end of each chapter, a summary was included. I also enjoyed Mr. LeMay’s use of Greek and Hebrew word meanings. As he presented scripture to substantiate truths presented, he made sure to expound on these truths by providing Greek or Hebrew words that would help the reader truly understand the meaning of the scripture with a deeper insight.

    It’s scary to think the world we live in today is so easily deceived and humanism is so widely accepted but Mr. LeMay helps the reader see this is exactly what’s happening. For those who love the Lord, Mr. LeMay’s book, The Death of Christian Thought, will prick hearts and prompt them to pray for our country as never before.

    I would like to thank Aneko Press for allowing me the chance to review this book in exchange for my honest review. I enjoyed reading it and feel like this is a must read for all believers.

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