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In the Jubilee Bible (JUB), the usage and context tends to define each key word so you don’t need to depend on theological dictionaries or reference materials.

New: Thicker paper.

In the Jubilee Bible (JUB), the usage and context tends to define each key word so you don’t need to depend on theological dictionaries or reference materials.  Careful attention has been made to properly translate the first usage of each key word and through to the last occurrence.  Then, as the word makes its way across the Old Testament and you make the correct match with the corresponding Greek word in the New Testament, an amazing pattern emerges.  The Jubilee Bible is the only translation we know of that has each unique Hebrew word matched and mated with a unique English word so that the usage (number of occurrences and number of verses where the word occurs) sets forth a meaningful number pattern and a complete definition of what God means by each word.


Specs: 10 pt. font; 6” x 9” x 1.5”; 1152 pages; soft, leather-like cover; cream-colored paper; Old and New Testament

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About the Editor

Russell Stendal, a former hostage of Colombian rebels, is a lifelong missionary to that same group in the jungles of Colombia. He is an influential friend to military and government leaders in Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, and the United States. Russell’s ministry shares the gospel via twelve radio stations, hundreds of thousands of Bibles, books, and movies distributed through airplane parachute drops, and numerous speaking engagements for groups of leaders, prisoners, and individuals. Russell goes wherever the Lord leads, whether it’s to speak with a president or to go deep into the jungle to help an individual in trouble. He has witnessed thousands commit their lives to Christ.


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2 reviews for The Jubilee Bible (w-Dictionary)

  1. Linda Charest (verified owner)

    I have been reading this Bible for a few years and I love the way Russell carries the theme throughout the old and new testament. This Bible and his other writings have ministered to me greatly as I have pondered the reality of Christianity today as it is presented and been very concerned for the future of my family. I would recommend this to anyone who is searching for real answers.

  2. Adrian Riza (verified owner)

    It seems like I bought a slightly different version: the one shown on the website at the time of this review says New: Thicker paper and has Specs: 10 pt. font; 6” x 9” x 1.5”; 1152 pages, whereas the one I bought a few months back has Specs: 9 pt. font; 6” x 9” x 1.4”; 1088 pages. One of the things I wanted to comment on was the 9 pt. font size being too small but it seems this was improved to 10 pt. font and thicker paper, so I give it a 5 stars based on these facts. The Bible Dictionary at the end and the Concordance are very helpful; I wish the Concordance would have covered at least double the words (about 106 right now), but as it explains in the Introduction, you could make a search on the free online or PDF version for the word you are interested and find all the occurrences in this Bible. It seems like the publisher wanted to keep this book as compact as possible. Also, I really wish this Bible had more footnotes (very few in the one I bought) and less old, archaic words. True, there are less than in KJV Bible and the author explains why he kept some of the old words; still, this translation has a flavor of the old style language which in my opinion, it doesn’t appeal to the younger generation. I believe the language could have been modernized a little more and still has the clarity that is trying to achieve. The word “clarity” used instead of “glory” in many New Testament passages is something that I could not understand; even though the original word might have been different than the one translated with “glory”, I still cannot understand how the word “clarity” conveys the same meaning that the word “glory” does in the context where it is used. Same with “saving health” in lieu of “salvation”. All in all, I believe this is still a very good plus translation compared to most of the newer, NIV type translations.

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