The Last of the Giants

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The inspirational and true story of how three brave, strong Christian men tramped into the great forests of 20th century Duluth Minnesota to reach lumberjacks for Christ.

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In its early years, Duluth was a gold mine for lumber barons. Men were employed as lumberjacks and worked like beasts, only to be tossed aside like used equipment when no longer needed. The grand forests were raped for their prime timber, the balance burned wastefully. The men were coarse and hard, but they had to be to survive. More than any other people that ever lived in our land, these old-time lumberjacks could truthfully say, “No man cared for my soul.”

That is, until God sent three men to the great Northwoods of our country ­– Frank Higgins, John Sornberger, and Al Channer. These men blazed new trails of the Spirit and founded an empire for God. They reached a sector of humanity for which no spiritual work had ever been done before, storming the Northwoods with a consuming passion for Christ. And with that passion, they also brought a heart as big as all outdoors, a love for men that burned like a flame, and a desperate desire to see these men saved.


About the Author

Harry Rimmer, LL.D., grew up in poverty in mining and lumber camps in northern California. He was forced to quit school before completion of the third grade and thereafter worked in a range of manual laboring roles, while receiving some informal education from a mining engineer, heavily slanted towards the sciences. At 19, he joined the US Army, serving in the artillery and gaining some fame as a boxer. After the military, he spent two terms at a small homeopathic medical school, supporting himself as a prizefighter, but forced to drop out before completing the third term (and gaining a qualification) due to lack of financial resources.


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  1. Paul Miller

    Those who claim to follow Jesus need to read more books like this and less fluffy fiction. We need to see once again the power of God in changing lives. This book tells the true story of men of God who were tough, dedicated men who had counted the cost and gave their all to reach the lost woodsmen whom others neglected. We can see the true stories of conversions–not of mere decisions like we too often see today–but lives, families, and communities being changed by the transforming power of the word and Spirit of God. In this book, we read about preachers of the word of God, men who were not trying to please the hearers, but who spoke plainly and directly against sin and of the need to repent. The work of God among the woodmen of the north is a story not much heard today, yet one which should inspire each of us to focus more on the Scriptures, causing us to desire to reach the unsaved with God’s truth, rather than try to entice them to come to church by being entertained.
    This story reminds us of the type of real, lasting, and immediate conversion, the change of life that we see in Saul of Tarsus. This story reminds us of the power of God in the same way as the prophets of God stood strong against the servants of sin. If you are tired of fluffy sermons, sissified pastors, denominational organization hindering the gospel, and trying to entice the unchurched rather than convert the unsaved, then you might like this book.

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