The Unquenchable Life

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The book of Acts presents the epic explosion of the gospel after the Lord Jesus Christ returned to heaven to sit at the right hand of God.

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The book of Acts presents the epic explosion of the gospel after the Lord Jesus Christ returned to heaven to sit at the right hand of God. The apostles received the Holy Spirit with real, visible, and powerful results. There was none of today’s straining to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, or of “practicing” the gifts. Instead, the move of the Holy Spirit was a vivid demonstration of great power and wonders, and people were forced to either embrace the gospel or reject it completely. So clearly was the line being drawn, that once, only a single sentence was uttered by the apostle Paul before he was struck on the mouth by his enemy. So sure was the apostle Paul of his calling that not only did he not fear death for the sake of Christ, but he actually pressed forward into situations where death was the predicted result.

In this study of Acts chapters 8 through 28, Russell Stendal analyzes the prerequisites and condition of the apostles before this all could take place. He expounds on the need to have a genuinely clean heart in order to do what the Lord wants to do that is over and above what seems right to us. Stendal provides the definition of names of people and places to reveal deeper truths behind all that was taking place, and he clarifies often-controversial portions of this important book of the Bible. Are you ready to have the line drawn in the sand of your life?


About the Author

Russell Stendal, a former hostage of Colombian rebels, is a lifelong missionary to that same group in the jungles of Colombia. He is an influential friend to military and government leaders in Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, and the United States. Russell’s ministry shares the gospel via twelve radio stations, hundreds of thousands of Bibles, books, and movies distributed through airplane parachute drops, and numerous speaking engagements for groups of leaders, prisoners, and individuals. Russell goes wherever the Lord leads, whether it’s to speak with a president or to go deep into the jungle to help an individual in trouble. He has witnessed thousands commit their lives to Christ.

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1 review for The Unquenchable Life

  1. Shannon Lee (verified owner)

    Once again the timeliness of Stendal’s writings have hit the nail on the head. He captures the essence of the Living Word and blends it with the meanings of names and places to enrich every passage. This is for those who have an ear to hear and are continuing on in the ways of the Lord.

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