“Fast shipping and very well packed at a fair price!  Quality printed products – world class!  Easy to communicate with and well designed website!”

– Barrie Brown


“If I had to describe my ideal publishing company, it would be one that makes a profit, of course, but one that is also just as interested or more interested in getting God’s truth and love to others. I would like a company that is faithful to God’s word and is not just trying to make a profit by printing the latest Joel Osteen book. I have spent many years reading hundreds of Christian biographies and autobiographies and church history books, and so I would like a company that prints books that show us Godly examples of others who have lived for God. I have spent those same years reading some modern books by popular Christian authors, but find most of them lacking compared to many that I have read from the past. I would, therefore, like a company that is not afraid to reprint books by Spurgeon or Bunyan or others. Of course, I really do not think that I could edit for a company that does not use the serial comma.

“Anyway, I wanted to thank you for following God and leading one of the few Christian publishing companies that meets and exceeds my ideal company. It is great how you give discounts to pastors, missionaries, those who cannot afford full price, and those who are buying books to be used in ministry. Thank you for giving beginning authors and even beginning editors a chance.

“I liked reading about the conversions. That is something greatly lacking in my church experience. We have many decisions for Christ, but it is rare to see a conversion. It is one of the most powerful testimonies to God’s power to see a wicked man or women completely and suddenly changed by the power of God, yet, it is exceedingly rare to even hear about such conversions in America—at least in my experience. Sadly, most pastors I know are content with decisions and church growth, rather than conversions and life change. Pastors and even popular Christian authors talk about the unchurched and how churches can get them to church by offering them things that they like. The goal seems to be to increase the number of people, and if a few of the “unchurched” start coming to church through our entertainment or sports, then that is fine—even if there is no conversion. The Last of the Giants, as we should, talks about the unsaved and the saved—not about the unchurched and the churched. It was great to read about dozens of men saved and entire families and communities changed by the power of God. Now, many do not even know what revival is. They think that three saved people leaving one church and attending theirs is a revival. George Whitefield used to go out cry and beg God for forgiveness if only a few people were converted at one of his sermons, because he was used to hundreds turning from sin and turning to God.

“I have taught an adult Sunday school class for the past few years. I have some of the best, most spiritual, and long-time Christians in the class. Yet, when I ask them who their Christian heroes are, one or two might mention Billy Graham, but the rest do not seem to even be aware of any. I asked them once what they knew about Martin Luther, and no one said anything! Finally, someone said something about he was involved in civil rights. They have not even heard of Spurgeon, Moody, Wesley, Carmichael, Muller, Knox, Tyndale, Whitefield, Polycarp, Chrysostom, Augustine, Perpetua, Sunday, etc. I do not understand how this can be. My wife thought that maybe they were not sure of what books they should read, so I brought a bunch of books in that they could borrow. Some of the people are retired, some unemployed, some love to read the latest fiction books or the latest books about the blood moon theories, so I thought that they would love to read and learn about these things. One person took a copy of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (and still has it), but no one seems interested in reading about these men and women who lived for God. They do not seem to care about hearing about the Great Awakenings, the Welsh revivals, or anything else that might cause us to examine ourselves and conclude that we should be a little different than the world. Anyway, thanks [for] what you do.”

Paul Miller
Editor with Aneko Press


“Aneko Press is not like other publishers. Their first priority is God and others before profit. They treat others as they would want to be treated. Everyone is confident and encouraged about the content of the books because their work glorifies the Lord. Their attention to detail produces excellence in the final product. I believe this great work ethic is the foundation of the success of Aneko press and the reason that they are profitable. When working with Aneko, everbody wins.” – David Witt, author of Witness Development Evangelism Workbook | Visit David’s Website


“My experience with Jeremiah Zeiset and his Aneko editorial team was simply outstanding! Not only did he provide expert editorial guidance, but also ideas and suggested systems to utilize in promoting my book. I would not hesitate to work with Jeremiah and Aneko Press again. Matter of fact, I hope to do so in the future.” – Dr. Howard Foltz, Author of Harvest Connection | Visit Dr. Foltz’s website


“Thank you, Aneko Press, for partnering with me in getting my heart’s messages to the world, particularly the world that is reached through technology.” – Rebekah Palmer, Author of A Letter to My Friend and A Letter to Myself


“It is a beautiful book and it is impossible to thank you and your staff sufficiently for your excellent work.  I do believe the hand of the Lord was over this project.  We are grateful for your dedicated hours, using your gifts from above, and for your patient help.  It was truly a ministry to our communication staff. The cover really turned out great and it is a book we all can be proud to promote. Our daily prayer now will be that we can distribute it and that the Lord will work in the hearts of those who read it.” – Valetta Steel Crumley, author of Another Valley, Another Victory


“I’ve been very pleased with my decision to partner with Life Sentence Publishing on my novel. They have been very upfront and great to work with. I’m especially thankful for their ongoing marketing assistance. I’m delighted how my book turned out – it looks very professional and beautiful! I would definitely publish with them again.” – Melissa Wiltrout, author of Tessa | Visit Melissa’s Blog


“LIFE SENTENCE Publishing did a wonderful job through the process of getting ‘Revelation: The Best is Yet to Come’ published. As a long-time project manager on books, working between authors and publishers can at times prove slow. LSP worked diligently and communicated effectively to ensure the process was smooth and went above and beyond in meeting author expectations.” – Kenneth Priest, manager of Jim Richards’ book Revelation: The Best is Yet to Come. Follow Dr. Richards on Twitter


“When I had a vision to reach people with the Gospel in an untapped niche market, LIFE SENTENCE Publishing was there to help. They listened to my ideas, answered my questions, taught me better ways to market my books, and encouraged me every step of the way.” – Sharon Balts, author of  Unrefined. Visit Sharon’s website


“If you are planning on writing a book anytime soon, you need to contact my publisher Jeremiah Zeiset [acquisitions editor].  Just let me know if you need his information and I will put you in direct contact with him.  He is unbelievably great at his work and a good Christian man.”
– Robert Shipman, author of God is More Than An Aspirin | Visit Robert’s Blog


“Jeremiah has been absolutely wonderful to work with. I wish I would have met the rest of his staff. Sheila Wilkinson, my editor, did a terrific job shaping my random words into sentences. So many times when I was reading her edits, I said to myself, “Duh, why didn’t I catch that mistake? I know better grammar than that. I can’t believe I wrote that sentence that way.” Ruth, who did the final proofread, must have taken out or put in a million commas. Who can keep track of all that punctuation! And all the other little things that we never notice when things are written correctly, but which jump off the page when they are wrong. And Amber, whoever you are, you took my one random picture and turned it into a beautiful cover. I have had more people remark on what an awesome cover it is.” – Chris Loehmer Kincaid, author of A Time for Every Purpose under Heaven and The Christmas Story in 40 Days | Visit Chris’s Blog


“The Christian attitude, courtesy, and professionalism of the staff at LIFE SENTENCE Publishing has been above and beyond anything I have ever experienced in their field. Blessings to all.” – Lionel Smith, author of His Wind Beneath My Wings | Visit Lionel’s website: Christian Wings for the World


“LIFE SENTENCE Publishing made me feel secure. All along the way to publication, every step, they have taken loving care of my “baby,” my manuscript. They have answered all my questions, and concerns. They have tweaked my “child” into the best it could be. They kept in constant contact with me, calling, e-mailing and even sending me a book with a tremendous amount of information to help make my own book the best it could be. No question was too silly or small for them to answer for me. Jeremiah Zeiset and all the people at LIFE SENTENCE Publishing will always hold a special place in my heart and my memories, because they calmed my fear of sending my writing out there for all the world to see and read. Of Feathers an Friends is now on its own, because of the Lord’s love and leading in my life and for the careful tending that the people at LIFE SENTENCE Publishing gave to make it successful. Thank you so much, Jeremiah, and all those at LIFE SENTENCE Publishing.” – Darlene Hoggard Davis, author of Of Feathers and Friends | Visit Darlene’s website: www.tootietajoy.com


“Please send us English books and a Bible. I received Christ when my sister’s daughter was very sick. My option was to call a witch doctor to help her, as we [are] used to our African tradition. But as the witch was on his way, my niece began to see a vision and told me that if the witch doctor come to her, she [would] die – but I should call men of God to pray for her. I followed what she said and sent the witch doctor back.
When these God servants were assisting my niece, the help was coming to me direct because they shared the Word before they prayed. I told them after praying for my niece that I was a sinner and had no peace in my life. As they prayed for me, everything that used to trouble me went away.”
– Patson (The books they received will be well read, and make a huge difference in many lives.)


LSP author David Fiorazo: