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This is about books. And you. And the Lord Jesus Christ.

We want to see individuals believing in and following Christ. Whether that is here in the United States, or in some other part of the world, our books are all about saving, helping, and inspiring people.

That’s why we give away some of our books. Below, you’ll find links to read free books online; and we offer generous discounts for book purchases, especially geared towards people who like using books as ministry tools. Be sure to check out our Ministry Resources category, which features books available free of charge for ministry use.

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The Overcoming Life

The Overcoming Life

The solution Moody presents for our problems is not religion, rules, or other outward corrections. Instead, he takes us to the heart of the matter and prescribes biblical, God-given remedies for every Christian’s life.     Were you blessed by this free eBook? Help share this book by posting a review on Amazon.     Click Cover to Read Free Online…