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  • The Overcoming Life

    Get ready to embrace genuine victory for today, and joy for eternity.

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  • Jesus Came to Save Sinners

    A thorough message of salvation by faith in Christ, by the “prince of preachers,” Charles H. Spurgeon. Updated edition.

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  • A Life for Christ

    The call for each Christian is to become an active member in the body of Christ. The motive is love for the Lord and our neighbor.

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  • The Way to God

    The Way to God takes an honest look at our need to repent and follow Jesus, and gives hope for unending, joyous eternity in heaven.

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  • The Ten Commandments

    This book will challenge you to examine God’s rules for life, the ten commandments. This book is a challenging yet refreshing look at some of the oldest, most well-known words of God.

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  • How to Study the Bible

    This classic book by Dwight L. Moody brings to light the necessity of studying the Scriptures, presents methods which help stimulate excitement for the Scriptures, and offers tools to help you comprehend the difficult passages in the Scriptures.

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  • Jesus Came to Save Sinners (MP3 CD)

    A thorough message of salvation by faith in Christ, by the “prince of preachers, Charles H. Spurgeon. Updated edition.

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  • The Cross

    Recently Released

    Heaven or hell, happiness or misery, life or death, blessing or cursing in the last day – all hinges on the answer to this question: “What do you think about the cross of Christ?”

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  • Into the Den of Infidels

    Read the compelling stories of eight Muslims in Egypt-the intellectual capital of Islam–as they persevered until they discovered the truth.

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  • Saul to Paul

    Those who are most passionately opposed to the gospel can become the most effective in sharing Christ’s love.

    God chose Saul, a persecutor of Christians, and transformed him into a passionate preacher of the gospel who later became known as Paul.

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  • Foxe Voices of the Martyrs

    Originally published in 1563, it highlighted the faith and courage of those who paid the ultimate price for their faith in Christ. FOXE: Voices of the Martyrs shares some stories from the original Foxe’s book in updated, modern English and includes the stories of those killed in modern times because of their faith in Christ.

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  • Song of the Nightingale

    Read the true story of Helen Berhane, who was imprisoned for more than two years in Eritrea.
    As a prisoner of the state, Helen endured appalling conditions and even torture.

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