About Us

Our small company was officially incorporated December 1st, 2010. We publish about twenty-four Christian books per year from our offices in the quiet little town of Abbotsford, Wisconsin. A few of our team members work at the office and warehouse in Abbotsford, and other team members work from their home offices. Jeremiah Zeiset, the founder of Aneko Press, previously partnered with another publisher to purchase books at a wholesale discount, in turn sending the books to prisons and third-world countries. Good Christian books had a significant influence on Jeremiah in his walk with Christ, and it simply made sense to him to help others through books in the same way he had been helped.

Aneko Press publishes books especially for authors serving the Lord in ministry, and we also update and republish classic Christian books. A major focus is free and low-cost book distribution. We regularly send books to prisons and third-world countries as we are enabled to do so by company profits and individual contributions. Jeremiah Zeiset was born and raised in a conservative Mennonite denomination, and while Aneko Press publishes books for individuals in various denominations, conservative, biblical values continue to play a significant role in determining which books we publish.

The publishing industry continues to change and technology modifies the way we do business, and while we can’t know what things will look like ten years from now, what we do know is that God has directed and sustained us since we began in 2010, and He will continue to do so as long as He wills. All we know is that we are called to love and obey Him, and as long as we do so, we expect to see the Lord’s hand continue to provide and to continue to bring forth spiritual fruit in the lives of those who read our books, as well as in our own lives.


Aneko Press: What Is Behind the Name?

Our corporate name is Life Sentence Publishing, Inc., which is linked to our roots in prison ministry. As our company grew, it became apparent that we needed an additional imprint for our authors. After prayer and research, we settled on Aneko Press for that imprint, and eventually that imprint became our primary branding. One definition of “Aneko” in Greek is “to pertain to what is due, duty, as was fitting” (www.biblestudytools.com/aneko). After all, we believe we are only doing our duty to the Lord—what is due to Him, and we believe the name fits well with why we do what we do.



While we are a for-profit company, in 2021 we created a non-profit ministry (Aneko Press Ministry Partnerships), which allows us to better process donor contributions. Some donate to our tax-deductible, non-profit ministry, while others sponsor the Prison Book Project item in our store or add a donation during checkout, which is more convenient but not tax-deductible. Regardless of how individuals choose to support us, we send one book for every dollar contributed. Some books do cost more than one dollar to print, but we’re utilizing company profits to make up the difference.


Publishing Process

If you are writing a Christian book, you are welcome to submit it for review here. However, please understand that we are not able to publish all manuscripts that are submitted. But, we do publish books that fit our vision, and if there is an already-existing purpose and need for the book. We partner with like-minded individuals who have a specific need for a book within their ministry, and you’ve probably noticed that we also update and republish classic Christian books.

We have an editorial team that reviews, edits, and proofreads our books. Authors work closely with our team to make sure any suggested edits are reviewed and approved by the author.

You can find our books on Amazon and other online bookstores, and even at some brick-and-mortar bookstores. You can find our eBooks and audiobooks on most popular and even smaller digital ebookstores and libraries, and you can listen to many of our audiobooks free of charge on platforms such as SoundCloud or YouTube.


Thank You

Thank you for taking time to learn more about the work the Lord has us doing. Please enjoy some free eBooks or audiobooks on us. We encourage you to order some low-cost books you can use to share the gospel with others, and we ask you to please pray for us and our readers.


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