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The books we publish say something about the vision of our company. As you browse this website, you’ll notice that we publish books that encourage Christians to live for the Lord, provide glimpses into the lives of those in ministry, and/or are evangelistic. Above all, we want to see the Lord glorified and individuals living fulfilled lives for Him.

Our small team endeavors to use our gifts for the Lord's purposes. Each teammember, from publisher, editors, graphic design, and the maintenance man, uses his or her unique gifts in this Kingdom work. Our backgrounds vary from business owners, teachers, and other interesting and sometimes unusual careers.

We believe Christian books should be well-written and well-designed. Because of this paradigm, our books go through a thorough, multi-stage editing process and our graphic designers take care to make sure the physical appearance of our books and eBooks match the quality of the words in our books.



About Donations

100% of donations given during the checkout process, or in any other way, are used to give books and Bibles to individuals, as a ministry effort, or to those who are in prisons and to the poor. Our goal with these books is to reach the lost, encourage Christians, and otherwise support and build up individuals as the Lord enables us. One of the advantages of being a publisher and at the same time giving away books is that our costs are lower than is typically the case. We have only the printing and shipping costs to deal with, and because we work with many ministry authors, we have access to various ministries that are equipped to distribute books to readers in need.

If you have questions concerning larger contributions, please contact us at 715-223-3013, or use the contact form here and put "Donation Question" in the subject box.



Publishing for Ministries

Does your ministry give away books to reach people for Christ and to strengthen the church? If so, we're potentially a good partner. As you can see on our site, we give away both eBooks and print books for ministry purposes. Our desire is to come alongside ministries and help with everything from editing, printing, and distribution. Best of all, books that you give away free of charge for ministry purposes are available to you at the basic printing and shipping costs. This is a great offer, but it's reserved for great purposes - the Lord's purposes.

To contact us about publishing a book for your ministry, please submit your proposal via our manuscript submission page.

Does your ministry print or distribute Bibles? We'd love to help, either by printing Bibles for you, or by providing our Bibles at ministry-based pricing. We work with presses here in the United States, and also globally, to provide high-quality Bibles at reasonable costs.

To contact us about Bible printing or ministry purchasing, please submit your inquiry via our contact page or call 715-223-3013, ext. 7.


Highlights (For Ministries and Authors)

Terms - Our typical contract is for five years. We usually pay a 30% net royalty for books sold through our distribution channels, and in cases where our authors sell books at book tables and on their own websites, we sell books to them at the discounts listed here. If you’re giving away books as part of your ministry, we’ll provide special ministry prices based on the cost to print the books.

Editing - Each book is given an editorial review first, during which we may highlight some areas needing further development. After any changes have been made, an editor, proofreader, and final reviewer will work together to produce the best possible book. All work is done in “Track Changes,” so you as the author can review all suggested changes before they are finalized.

Cover Design - You’ll receive what we call a “cover design questionnaire,” which gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion on design and text that will appear on the cover. In most cases, because of thorough initial research, one of the first cover concepts is utilized for the final cover.

Book Formats - A typical project starts with a soft or hardcover print book and an eBook. Depending on demand, we may later issue a soft and hardcover, an audiobook, and deluxe editions such as imitation leather covers, etc.

Distribution - Our books are distributed directly to Amazon and Ingram. Ingram, the largest distributor of secular and Christian books, makes our books available to bookstores, retailers, libraries, and online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, CBD, and others in the United States and around the world. Our eBooks are distributed worldwide via retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, Kobo, and dozens of smaller distributors.

Marketing - We ask our ministry authors to first of all not let their book become a distraction from their main ministry. That being said, we do want you to take your book with you wherever you go, displaying it when you speak at churches, and as appropriate, saying “that’s covered in my book.”

What we’ll do on our end is make sure your book is appearing in the most related book searches possible, so people looking for your genre of book can find it. We also utilize paid SEO advertising, solicit reviews for our books, send samples to appropriate partner distributors, and in situations where interviews are likely, we send press releases to radio and TV stations.

Above all, the most important aspect to publishing Christian books is to make sure the Lord is behind a project. If He is not, and the author or publisher’s agenda is a personal one, the project is going to fail (this is true even if the book sells well). Our primary objective is to ensure we’re doing the Lord’s will with each and every project and only take on projects where the Lord is moving.


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Book Printing

The printing presses we use are state-of-the-art, efficient machines, allowing us to print high-quality books for reasonable costs. This program is geared towards ministries that need books printed to give away in ministry or for your own distribution. Our goal is to give ministries an advantage with high-quality, cost-effective printing solutions, at the lowest price possible.

You will need to know the answers to the following:

  • Book dimensions
  • Page count
  • Quantity
  • Type (soft or hardcover)
  • Features (cover type, paper type, etc.)
  • Destination (state or country)


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Ministry Resources

Our roots are in prison ministry, sending books to various prisons across the U.S., as well as sending books to third-world countries. The book ministry continues to this day, and we’d love your assistance. If you wish to use your own book as a free ministry resource, please ask us about our ministry print rates as notated above. If you'd like to use any of our existing books in your ministry, please feel free to use the "Kingdom Codes" listed in our online bookstore. For bulk ministry pricing, please call us at 715-223-3013.


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Fun fact: Aneko is Greek in origin, meaning: 1) To have come up to, arrived at, to reach to; 2) to pertain to what is due, duty, as was fitting. Strong's Number: 433.