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For each $50 donation, we send between 25 and 40 books to the Prison Book Project for distribution (depending on the print cost of the books).

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“Prisoner Sam” has little to do with his time. He eats, talks with other prisoners, and sleeps. One thing he can do is read, and he’ll read whatever he can get his hands on – including Christian books. Do you think it’s hard to share the gospel with others? “Prisoner Sam” is different. Not only will he read Christian books, some prisoners like Sam are deciding to give their hearts to Christ and go on to share the gospel with others in prison.

What we do: For each $50 donation, we send between 25 and 40 books to the Prison Book Project for distribution (depending on the print cost of the books). Once there, the books are divided up into boxes of various titles that are shipped to prisons all around the country. Each book ends up being read by about 30 individual prisoners, according to the prison chaplains. If you have a preference of which title gets sent, please notate that in the comments section of your order.

Some Facts:

  • The re-incarceration rate after two years for the general prison and jail population is 85%. However, where Christian material is available, the rate of re-incarceration drops to 17%.
  • Chaplains report that each book sent to a prison is read by up to thirty prisoners. Outside of third-world countries, reach like that, with one book, is unheard of.
  • One fifty-dollar donation funds 25 to 40 books. These books are individually packaged with other books, and the Christian book boxes are received by waiting prison chaplains, who in turn distribute the books to prisoners.
  • “Prisoner Sam” may never be able to thank you on this side of eternity, but your gift to him is worth more than words can express.

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