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Note: When we review a manuscript, we ask ourselves several questions:

  • Will publishing this book help us in our goal of sharing the gospel and/or encouraging Christians to live for the Lord?
  • Does the author have the same goals we do?
  • Does what we do add significant value to the project, or is this something another publishing house could do as well as or even better than us?
  • Is the book written with obvious prayer and care? (We believe Christian books ought to be the best of the best.)

Additional important disclosure. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to reject submissions for any reason whatsoever, and are not bound to offer any reason for the rejection. We may accept international authors, but only if they are affiliated with a United States ministry. Your personal information and submission is confidential, and your book will be published only if it has been accepted and a contract signed. Please note that by submitting your manuscript for review, you are agreeing to give us two weeks from the submission date for the review, and are agreeing to not publish your book elsewhere during that time.



  •   Yes
  •   Missionary
  • Based on your info, we may send an email requesting a review manuscript.