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The Author’s Welcome

WOW!! Another book off the press for you. After three books and 100,000 copies, another books tells the amazing life purpose found in life’s valley. Had I not gone through the valleys, my life would not have found the rich purpose the Lord had planned for me. It is important to see how to move from success to significance. My mind was dull. It took the valley to help me see.

I especially invite you to read the epilogue, which tells the stories of individuals whose lives the Lord has used powerfully, who were impacted by the Lord’s wisdom in my life journey. Also, the last chapter, The Vision, shows how, like the Apostle Paul, our loving Lord can help us live for the eternal treasures. I’m looking forward to meeting you on the pages of ANOTHER VALLEY, ANOTHER VICTORY, and want to thank you for joining us on this blog tour.


About the Book

Tragedy is timeless and universal. So is victory, which is defined by the author’s life as letting God have the controls – allowing him to expose previously hidden beauty, now displayed for the sake of others. This inspiring life story has moved countless others to overcome and look at adversity from God’s perspective. When viewed from the top, a valley is precious and beautiful.

Valetta lost her young son Danny to leukemia; her husband Henry succumbed to Hodgkin’s disease a few years later; then she lost her remaining two children in a tragic car accident. Her new reality was nearly unbearable, but when offered a secure position in her father’s business, Valetta refused. The Lord had called her and Henry into ministry, and there was a mountain of unfinished business.

Today, Valetta has traveled the world, sharing Christ and teaching Christians how to share Christ in their communities. Thousands have been saved, and countless more inspired in their walk with the Lord. Valetta’s story will touch you, move you, and challenge you to let God do as he desires in and through your life, enabling you to minister to others in ways you never would have imagined possible.


About the Author

Valetta first lost her son, then her husband, and finally her remaining two children. On top of that, she suffered criminal attack and rape. But not defeated, she sensed the presence of God through it all, giving her peace that passeth understanding. Valetta later remarried, finished college, served on a missionary training team, and has inspired thousands with her story of how the love of Jesus overcomes darkness.



“Your book shocked me. It’s written with emotional language people understand. There are answers to many painful questions: Why do I have to suffer so much? Why can’t I be happy? I think your understanding of God’s Word and its incarnation in your life helps many people believe in God and not to grumble at the suffering, which He sends us.

“God evidently entrusts some of His choice servants with gut-wrenching suffering so that the whole body will be strengthened. Valetta’s willingness to be transparent and vulnerable enables us to see her tenacious hope in a trustworthy God. We see radiance through tears and light in the darkness. Her faith through what could have been totally devastating experiences makes the reality of a personal relationship with a personal God clear. This book is deep, heart and personal, a must for all who are walking a journey of heartbreak and suffering.”

– University student

I find it too hard to explain in English, but even in Russian it would not be much easier I think. It (Another Victory, Another Valley) has made an atheist read the Bible in a completely different way – not just as a literary relic but as something much more profound and meaningful. The story is so astonishingly frank and open-hearted, and touching, and horrible, and encouraging at the same time.

– Olga

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