What type of author is Aneko Press looking for?

We print and publish books especially for those in ministry and also update classic Christian books. If you are a missionary or ministry leader, we’d love to see your manuscript. You don’t need to be well-known, but you do need to be working for someone who is well-known (namely, the Lord : ).

What should I know about writing for Aneko Press?

Write well and for a specific reason. Include stories, following Jesus’ teaching example. Read bestseller authors in your genre to see what they are doing. Write with a vision statement in mind. Research and pray a lot. Please also refer to our Self-Editing Guide for Authors to present a clean manuscript and to save some steps in the editing process.

What style manuals do the editors at Aneko Press use?

We utilize the Chicago Manual of Style, and fill in the Christian-writing gaps with the Christian Writer’s Manual of Style. If you have other preferences, it’s likely we can work with you, though there may be things we wish to do according to the style manuals listed for professional reasons.

What is expected in my book proposal?

Being rich, famous, and a great writer is the winning combination for selling a lot of books. But as mentioned above, our mission is to work with those in ministry, and we know your reason for writing a book is different than that of most writers. So, simply tell us your reason for writing a book, and how you as the author intend to reach people with your book. If you are in ministry and using your book as a ministry resource, tell us about that. Tell us if this is a free resource to be used in your ministry, or if funds will help support your ministry. If you have a large, established network with which to market your book, tell us that as well.

What is the theological criteria for being published?

Our basic theological criteria is that our books must build on the foundation of Jesus Christ as our savior and also promote obedience to all of scripture. Good works are necessary because it is our reasonable service to work for the Lord (Romans 12:1). We reserve the right, however, to not publish books with content which contradicts scripture, or which promote any religion other than genuine, biblical Christianity. Please also see our Statement of Faith.

Does Aneko Press publish and print books in other languages for other countries?

We have been blessed with international distribution and work with printers worldwide. This has been an extra blessing for our ministry authors who are often based in the United States, but work abroad. However, we do not take on projects where an author approaches us with the hopes of greatly expanding sales using our international network, as that is an unlikely outcome.

Does Aneko Press republish existing books?

Yes, although we do not take on projects if a book is already in print and has good distribution. We are interested in existing books only if there is a genuine need for help in everything from editing, layout, printing, and distribution, but we do not take on existing projects if the only need for help is marketing.

How long does it take to publish my book?

As little as three months, and as long as one year. It depends largely on how much editing is needed, and also on the release date needed.

Can I help by using my cover design or my own editor?

Yes, if you are an experienced graphic artist.

Random friends for editors aren’t as good as professionals in the industry, and we’ll want to edit your book regardless. You can do a lot, too, by following our Self-Editing Guide for Authors.

How will my book be distributed?

Your book will be available online and to bookstores, both in the United States and abroad. That said, distribution simply gives us a method of delivering books. Hard work, both in writing and gaining reader-awareness, is what makes a bestseller. There are exceptions to this – sometimes the Lord decides to really use a book, for his glory.

What about eBooks?

Yes. Our books are published in print and electronically. We may choose to publish an audiobook edition as well.

Can I distribute my own book?

Yes, but non-competing agreements with our distributors limit your personal distribution to speaking events, book signings, other author events, and your own website. You should direct any other retailers to purchase your book from their existing distributor or from our company directly.

Do I need to be well-known?

Each publishing house has some minimum criteria. But instead of requiring 20,000 Facebook followers, we’re interested in knowing what your ministry is doing, and how your book fits into the ministry.

How much will I pay for copies of my own book?

Your discounts are listed below, based on retail price. Shipping is billed additionally.

50%     1 to 999 copies
60%     1,000 to 2,499 copies
65%     2,500 copies and up
70%     Giveaway ministry books
Updated 12/2023

What is my royalty rate?

Currently our standard royalty is 30% net, which is often about $1.00 per book.

What can I expect for sales of my book?

To consider a book financially successful, smaller publishing houses want sales of at least 2,500 copies; larger publishing houses might want 5,000 to 10,000. The majority of our authors fit in with the smaller publishing house numbers, while authors with larger ministries typically have proportionally higher book sales numbers. Ultimately though, sales depend largely on quality of writing, author and publisher marketing, and in the end, what the Lord decides to do with a book. The bottom line is that we don’t make any promises regarding sales, and care only to publish books for the Lord’s glory, not to make anyone rich. We need authors who have the same perspective.