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  • Pilgrim's Progress

    Pilgrim’s Progress

    Each character represented in this classic allegory is intentionally and profoundly accurate in its depiction of what we see all around us, and unfortunately, what we too often see in ourselves.

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  • The Holy War

    The Holy War

    Written four years after The Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan followed up with this second allegorical classic, which has touched hearts and minds of readers for generations.

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  • Pilgrim's Progress

    Pilgrim’s Progress (Hardcover)

    Often disguised as something that would help him, evil accompanies Christian on his journey to the Celestial City. As you walk with him, you’ll begin to identify today’s many religious pitfalls. But while Christian is injured and nearly killed, he eventually prevails to the end. So can you.

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  • Harvest Connection

    Harvest Connection (PDF eBook)

    You will learn how to motivate and equip yourself and your church to take part in God’s great final harvest.

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  • Fantasy, Horror, and the Truth

    Fantasy, Horror, and the Truth

    Is it ok for Christians to indulge in fantasy and horror? Szumskyj contends that such works are not merely “entertainment” but are founded on and promote ideologies and worldviews wholly contrary to the Scriptures.

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  • My Baby's Feet

    My Baby’s Feet (Imperfect)

    Slightly damaged – limited quantity available.

    Fearfully and desperately wanting to hide my mistakes and deny the unwanted, I chose what seemed to be the easiest answer. I chose death, and then I moved into the aftermath of my choice. No one told me what my choice would do to my heart. No one told me that my choice was, in fact, a death sentence for my baby.

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  • In The Beginning

    In the Beginning (Imperfect)

    Slightly damaged – limited quantity available.

    Do you want your children to love God and go to heaven?

    Do you want them to learn more about Jesus and the Bible?

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  • Unrefined


    Laugh and cry with the Unrefined Connor family—slaves to the farm and mechanic work that is their means of survival, chained by guilt and fear, trapped by despair and worry. Some will come to see their difficulties as a refining process. None will survive unscathed—if they survive at all.

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  • Danny Orlis and His Big Chance

    Danny Orlis and His Big Chance

    Preorder – To be released 5-1-2024
    Book 19
    The post office gets robbed, and the sheriff pays Kirk a visit. Kirk knows the truth, but will he answer the sheriff’s questions honestly?

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  • Danny Orlis Changes Schools

    Danny Orlis Changes Schools

    Preorder – To be released 4-1-2024
    Book 12
    What will happen when Danny finally takes a stand for what is right, quits football, and loses his job? Will God see him through?

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  • Danny Orlis and the Boy Who Would Not Listen

    Danny Orlis and the Boy Who Would Not Listen

    Book 17
    Ken doesn’t have “plenty of time later” to make things right with Jesus. Instead, his careless ways catch up with him, and tragedy strikes.

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  • Danny Orlis Plays Hockey

    Danny Orlis Plays Hockey

    Book 16
    Labeled a quitter after making the difficult decision to leave the football team, Danny must work hard to earn the respect of his classmates and secure a spot on the hockey team.

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