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  • Filomena: Daughter of Light

    Filomena: Daughter of Light

    A Colombian woman’s incredible journey to freedom in Christ.

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  • Sacada del Polvo

    Sacada del Polvo

    La Iglesia, la Escuela y el Orfanato que ella fundó en el norte del Perú, fue el resultado tanto de su dolor como de su obediencia radical al Señor, sacando del polvo a miles de personas.

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  • Mango Tree Gospel

    Mango Tree Gospel

    While this is a story about a particular place and its people, it’s also a story about all of us: How God works through broken people and in broken places to do beautiful things.

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  • The Lost Crown

    The Lost Crown

    Preorder – To be released 8-1-2023

    The purpose of this book is to convince us to lay hold of the promises of God so that our lives may be so shaped according to His will that, when that day comes, we will stand before Him with rejoicing, not sorrow.

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  • Life in Christ

    Life in Christ (8 Volume Bundle)

    All eight volumes of the Life in Christ series, by Charles H. Spurgeon.

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  • The Second Coming of Christ

    The Second Coming of Christ

    Preorder – To be released 7-1-2023

    The moment a man realizes that Jesus Christ is coming back again to receive His followers to Himself, this world loses its hold upon that man.

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  • Moody's Latest Sermons

    Moody’s Latest Sermons

    The time has come when a line should be drawn between the church and the world, and every Christian should give his heart and life completely to Christ.

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  • Hindi Bible Stories

    Revealing God’s Plan (Hindi Bible Stories)

    Here the major Bible stories come alive in simple Hindi language of North India.

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  • Soaring Higher

    Soaring Higher (Hardcover)

    Newly Released

    Alarming and even near-death experiences, hilarious misfortunes due to cultural and language barriers, but most importantly, many inspiring testimonies to the goodness and saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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  • Harvest Connection

    Harvest Connection

    You will learn how to motivate and equip yourself and your church to take part in God’s great final harvest.

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