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  • Great Joy (eBook)

    A series of sermons which Dwight L. Moody preached at the Tabernacle. It is believed to be the largest and most correct publication of Mr. Moody’s sermons that has been offered to the public.

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  • The Mormon’s Mistake (eBook)

    This little book by H. A. Ironside, in the format of a dialog between him and a Mormon missionary, brings to light some of the key differences between Mormons and Christians – differences so important, that it’s a matter of spiritual life and death.

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  • Christian Leaders of the Eighteenth Century (eBook)

    Biographies of George Whitefield, John Wesley, William Grimshaw, William Romaine, Daniel Rowlands, John Berridge, Henry Venn, Samuel Walker, James Hervey, Augustus Toplady, and John Fletcher.

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  • The Life of Jesus Christ (eBook)

    If anyone deserves to have our attention and our interest, that person is Jesus. He is more than a hero. If we are to take up our cross and follow Him, we must understand what that means and must see what that looks like.

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  • The Authenticity of the Bible (eBook)

    This book will show you the absolute trustworthiness of the Bible.

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  • How to Succeed in the Christian Life (eBook)

    The spiritual disciplines of biblical Christian living, for new believers or for Christians who have a desire to enrich their walk with Christ.

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  • Repentance (eBook)

    The words Except you repent, you will all likewise perish might at first seem stern and severe, but they are words of love, and they could be the means of delivering precious souls from hell.

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  • The Present Truth (eBook)

    Saved from the depths of sin that threatened to swallow you up, rejoice that you are preserved from death, but be determined that the life granted to you will be active, earnest, vigorous, and fruitful in every good work.

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  • Total Commitment to Christ (eBook)

    A short but inspiring booklet on how to follow Christ with your whole heart.

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  • Steel Valleys (eBook)

    When Henry and Valetta met, married and began their family, they thought they would spend their lives together, faithfully serving God as He directed. They had no idea that God had great challenges in store that would cause them to live by complete faith and trust in God’s grace.

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  • God Is My Boss (eBook)

    Champions of the Great Commission is a series of stories of One Mission Society missionaries and partners that have answered God’s call to fulfill the Great Commission—to go and make disciples of all nations.

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  • Lectures to My Students Volume 3 (eBook)

    Charles Spurgeon’s weekly lectures to his ministry students have been compiled in three volumes, now updated and presented to you afresh.

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