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Thank you for visiting Aneko Press! Are you writing a Christian book? We’d love to see what you’ve written. We are currently accepting manuscript submissions for 2024 and 2025 and are especially interested in titles that are evangelistic in nature or focused on discipleship.

We accept manuscript submissions from Bible-believing and Christ-following individuals. What do we consider when evaluating a title for publication? Below are five high-priority questions that we ask ourselves as we review manuscripts from authors.

Things we ask ourselves while reviewing manuscripts:

  • Will publishing this book help us in our primary goals of sharing the gospel and encouraging Christians to live fully for the Lord?
  • Does the manuscript and the author’s beliefs fit within our statement of faith?
  • Is this project ministry-related and part of an already-established ministry?
  • Can we add significant value to this project, or is this something another publishing house could do as well as or even better than us?
  • Is the author based in the United States, or working with a ministry based in the United States?

Important disclosure. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to reject submissions for any reason whatsoever, and are not bound to offer any reason for the rejection. We may accept international authors, but only if they are affiliated with a United States ministry. Your personal information and submission is confidential, and your book will be published only if it has been accepted and a contract signed. Please note that by submitting your manuscript for review, you are agreeing to give us two weeks from the submission date for the review, and are agreeing to not publish your book elsewhere during that time.



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