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  • Sarah's Journey of Faith

    Sarah’s Journey of Faith

    Persecution in China did not end with Sarah’s escape, but Sarah’s escape lends another strong voice for the world to hear. Grace be with you as you read these pages. – Bob Fu

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  • Rowland Hill

    Rowland Hill

    Rowland Hill was humorous, but he was a great deal more, and those who know his lifework will not remember him as exemplifying one single quality, but as a good, childlike man in whom nothing for Christ was restrained.

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  • Precious Children of Myanmar

    Precious Children of Myanmar

    Conversations with dozens of boys and girls in Myanmar. They put a face to the suffering that many children endure every day as they live in the midst of an ethnic war and under military rule. Each child’s testimony speaks of survival of such hardships and rescue to a Christian children’s home.

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  • Uncommon Character

    Uncommon Character, 3rd Edition

    A captivating non-fiction anthology filled with heroic profiles, epic tales, and timeless parables.

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  • God is My Boss

    God Is My Boss

    Champions of the Great Commission is a series of stories of One Mission Society missionaries and partners that have answered God’s call to fulfill the Great Commission—to go and make disciples of all nations.

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  • Expendable for God

    Expendable for God

    Don Pedro’s warm and transparent friendship, modest lifestyle, and caring spirit still draw us closer to the sovereign Lord who, in His grace, blessed Colombia and regions beyond through this God-fearing giant from Quindio. A biography.

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  • Captured


    “The enemy has taken over Zamboanga City. Our soldiers have surrendered. They can’t help us now!”

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  • Precious Children of India

    Precious Children of India

    These first person narratives are compiled from conversations with dozens of boys and girls in India. Children bravely share their stories of being caste bound, trafficked, beggars, witnesses to murder, unwanted, and of suffering great loss.From their voices can be heard the desperate plea for someone to care, and if not for themselves, then for those even less fortunate whose voices have not been heard.

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  • Rescued Not Arrested

    Rescued Not Arrested

    For the first time in Munchian’s life, God was real. But his past caught up to him and his luck – bought by slick, high-priced lawyers and easy money – ran out. Munchian’s only hope was in the grace of God.

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  • Boldly-I-Obey

    Boldly I Obey

    The incredible true story of a farmer and his family who sold everything and moved to Brazil as missionaries. Follow their adventures and misadventures – laugh, cry, and praise the Lord along with the Edwards family.

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  • Borden of Yale

    Borden of Yale

    Preorder – To be released 2-1-2024
    The inspiring life and legacy of William Borden, a man of unwavering faith and profound impact

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