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  • Witness Development Evangelism Workbook

    Witness Development Evangelism Workbook

    The Witness Development Evangelism Workbook equips Christians to be witnesses for Christ in a natural conversational style. You will learn how to share biblical truths in an enjoyable and engaging manner.  Jesus used stories and questions to help people self-discover truths and this training closely replicates his style of evangelism.

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  • Walking with God

    Walking With God

    Are you longing to walk closer to God, or wondering if it’s even really possible? Would you and your sphere of influence benefit from being mentored for a lifetime of walking with God? Or, are you a minister leading people of various ages and in various seasons of life, but finding it difficult to relate to them?

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  • Understanding and Overcoming Temptation

    Understanding and Overcoming Temptation

    The cost of overcoming temptation and avoiding its consequences includes learning to understand when and how it happens and then what to do to prevent it or escape it.

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  • Mother, Should I Trust the Government

    Mother, Should I Trust the Government?

    This little book is designed to be a simple explanation of our founders’ vision of a republican form of government where the people and the States were to be sovereign. It will also be an exposé of stories where the Federal and at times State governments have abused their designated powers and violated the God-given sovereignty of life and liberty for American citizens.

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  • Dying to Gro

    Dying to Grow

    Never before have we seen the church degenerate at such a rapid pace. The church is dying because our growth isn’t based on strategies to reach the lost with the gospel. What is your church’s priority? Are you more concerned with filling your building or furthering the Kingdom? Hell will tremble when churches once again make evangelism the central theme of their strategy.

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  • A Call to the Unconverted to Turn and Live

    A Call to the Unconverted to Turn and Live

    Newly Released
    If you will turn and live, do it determinedly, and do not stand still and deliberate as if it were a doubtful case. Do not stand around wavering as if you were uncertain whether God or the flesh is the better mas­ter, whether sin or holiness is the better way, or whether heaven or hell is the better result.

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  • Temptation


    Every person’s success or sorrow de­pends on his attitude towards temptation.

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  • Life-in-Christ-8

    Life in Christ Vol 8

    Volume 8 – A deep, inspiring, and often challenging study of the Lord Jesus Christ’s miracles and parables.

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  • Life-in-Christ-6

    Life in Christ Vol 6

    Volume 6 – A deep, inspiring, and often challenging study of the Lord Jesus Christ’s miracles and parables.

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  • Boldly-I-Obey

    Boldly I Obey

    The incredible true story of a farmer and his family who sold everything and moved to Brazil as missionaries. Follow their adventures and misadventures – laugh, cry, and praise the Lord along with the Edwards family.

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  • 200 Questions about the Bible and the Qur'an

    200 Questions about the Bible and the Qur’an

    Would you like objective answers to important spiritual questions, answered directly by the Bible and the Qur’an? This book addresses 200 spiritual questions every Muslim believer should consider and uses scripture as the answers to the questions.

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  • Filomena: Daughter of Light

    Filomena: Daughter of Light

    A Colombian woman’s incredible journey to freedom in Christ.

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