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  • How to Bring Men to Christ

    Regardless of the angle the lost may use to try to justify why they remain in their sad condition, Torrey offers Scripture passages and biblical principles that have proven to reach even the most stubborn of the unsaved.

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  • A Word to Fellow Pastors and Other Christian Leaders

    The objective of the Christian ministry is to convert sinners and to edify the body of Christ. No faithful minister can possibly rest short of this. Applause, fame, popularity, honor, and wealth – all these are vain. If souls are not won, and if saints are not matured, our ministry itself is futile.

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  • Vital Signs

    My goal is to bring about spiritual CPR, heart-level resuscitation, to every Christ-follower who refuses to settle for mediocrity, desires to finish well, and longs to still be running when the sands of time run out.

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  • 5 Things Christians Must Do

    This book is a refreshing, interesting, and yet challenging look at five essential aspects of healthy Christian living.

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  • Pastor and Prayer

    What the church needs today is men of prayer, men mighty in prayer.

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  • It Feels Better When I Laugh

    Laughter is a wonderful gift from God. The Great Physician has prescribed laughter as a medicine that is good for us.

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  • Return to the Margins

    In Return to the Margins Terry Coy explains that the church has historically and globally existed and thrived at the margins. Jesus ministered in the margins of society. The New Testament church grew from the margins. Most of the global church today lives and ministers in the margins.


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  • Dying to Grow

    Never before have we seen the church degenerate at such a rapid pace. The church is dying because our growth isn’t based on strategies to reach the lost with the gospel. What is your church’s priority? Are you more concerned with filling your building or furthering the Kingdom? Hell will tremble when churches once again make evangelism the central theme of their strategy.

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  • The Church During the Search

    Preorder – To be released 1-1-2021

    The Church During the Search sheds light on the Pastor Search Process for the people in the pews so they can pursue Christ-honoring attitudes and behaviors throughout the search process.

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  • Lectures to My Students Vol 1

    Preorder – To be released 10-1-2020

    Charles Spurgeon’s weekly lectures to his ministry students have been compiled in three volumes, now updated and presented to you afresh.

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  • How to Promote and Conduct a Successful Revival

    A complete manual for conducting successful revival meetings. With contributions from Rueben A. Torrey, Dwight L. Moody, Charles H. Spurgeon, and more.

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  • Transpacific Evangelicalism in the Twentieth Century

    A clear view of how American evangelicals went overseas and turned the local into the global, or more clearly, acted as midwives in the birthing of world Christianity.

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