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  • Why-I-Believe-the-Bible

    Why I Believe the Bible

    There is no weapon in the arsenal of unbelief that can prevail against the “Yea” and “Amen” of the living God.

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  • The-Prayer-Meeting

    The Prayer-Meeting and Its Improvement

    Prayer meetings are no longer held at many churches and sparsely attended at others, and when held are often dry and uninteresting. Why? Lack of clear, biblical leadership has largely been the fault.

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  • The Far Side of the Sea

    By the end of this book, the reader will have identified church-planting principles that are effective for India and any other country where the people of God will persevere and seek God’s glory.

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  • Transpacific Evangelicalism in the Twentieth Century

    A clear view of how American evangelicals went overseas and turned the local into the global, or more clearly, acted as midwives in the birthing of world Christianity.

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