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  • Addicts at the Cross

    Addicts at the Cross

    Addicts at the Cross takes a bold, unabashed stance in believing that what the Bible says is true. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

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  • Reasons to Believe

    Reasons to Believe

    Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, Reasons to Believe can serve as a timely tool to answer questions, remove doubts, deepen Christian conviction, and provide compelling reasons to believe.

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  • The Duties of Parents

    The Duties of Parents

    In The Duties of Parents, J. C. Ryle presents seventeen simple and yet profound responsibilities of Christian parents.

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  • Words-of-Counsel

    Words of Counsel

    Charles Spurgeon knew something about winning souls, and he holds nothing back as he shares biblical wisdom and practical application regarding the incredible work the Lord wants to do through His people to reach the lost.

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  • I Can with I AM

    I Can With I AM

    With God, we can be “somebody.” When we work with Him according to His plan, He will provide the abilities and the means. Discover the possibilities. Be somebody! I will do what I can, where I am, with “I AM.”

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  • How to Raise Children for Christ

    How to Raise Children for Christ

    If our hearts are right towards God and our children, the world’s influence will not impact our children.

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  • Pursuing the Call

    Pursuing the Call

    Becoming a missionary can be daunting, but what if you could learn from others who’ve already faced the challenges?

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  • Straightforward Thoughts for Young Men

    Straightforward Thoughts for Young Men

    The decisions we make while young affect our future, both now and in eternity. This little book is a straightforward plea with young men to carefully consider their hearts and lives before the Lord, with practical advice offered to help young men be victorious in spiritual battle.

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  • Divine Healing

    Divine Healing

    This book provides biblical clarity concerning divine healing, and supplies basic and applicable principles necessary to having faith concerning healing. The author makes it very clear that we are not healed based on who we are, but based on who Christ is.

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  • My Secret Loss

    My Secret Loss

    We were told it would be easy. We thought it was the best choice; but now we suffer with the consequences, the regular reminders, a sense of guilt, and a sense of shame. Discover the path to peace, healing that is only possible through the saving grace of Jesus.

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  • Keeping-the-Heart

    Keeping the Heart

    The heart of man is his worst part before it is regenerated, and the best part afterward. It is the seat of principles, and the fountain of actions.

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  • Total Commitment to Christ

    Total Commitment to Christ

    A short but inspiring booklet on how to follow Christ with your whole heart.

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