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  • Lovers-Always

    Lovers Always

    From the time of man’s innocence in Eden, marriage has had the divine blessing. This book is written to help couples live out the best of blessings that the Lord intended in sacred union between husband and wife.

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  • Temptation


    Every person’s success or sorrow de­pends on his attitude towards temptation.

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  • The Dearth of Conversions

    The Dearth of Conversions

    If the church is to fully realize what is wrong with her condition, then believers and ministers must be brought low before the Lord and seek Him, to reveal and remove the sin and restore that conversion power that comes from Him alone.

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  • Lectures to My Students Vol 1

    Lectures to My Students Volume 1

    Charles Spurgeon’s weekly lectures to his ministry students have been compiled in three volumes, now updated and presented to you afresh.

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  • Ethical


    The Christian desire to honor God and be faithful to him is the most important reason for learning and practicing what is ethical. For this reason, living an ethical lifestyle will not be done out of an attitude of sacrifice, but out of a feeling of appreciation and desire for God’s will.

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  • Fantasy, Horror, and the Truth

    Fantasy, Horror, and the Truth

    Is it ok for Christians to indulge in fantasy and horror? Szumskyj contends that such works are not merely “entertainment” but are founded on and promote ideologies and worldviews wholly contrary to the Scriptures.

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  • Understanding and Overcoming Temptation

    Understanding and Overcoming Temptation

    The cost of overcoming temptation and avoiding its consequences includes learning to understand when and how it happens and then what to do to prevent it or escape it.

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  • Dying to Gro

    Dying to Grow

    Never before have we seen the church degenerate at such a rapid pace. The church is dying because our growth isn’t based on strategies to reach the lost with the gospel. What is your church’s priority? Are you more concerned with filling your building or furthering the Kingdom? Hell will tremble when churches once again make evangelism the central theme of their strategy.

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  • The Upside to Job Loss

    The Upside to Job Loss

    Losing your job creates a new opportunity to discover God’s plans for your future. This is great news. Not because you will land that dream job, but because you will discover God’s will for your life, and by doing so you will sense genuine fulfillment as He fulfills His plans through you.

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  • My Baby's Feet

    My Baby’s Feet

    Fearfully and desperately wanting to hide my mistakes and deny the unwanted, I chose what seemed to be the easiest answer. I chose death, and then I moved into the aftermath of my choice. No one told me what my choice would do to my heart. No one told me that my choice was, in fact, a death sentence for my baby.

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