Daniel, Man of God (eBook)

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This study illustrates what Daniel did, and also what Daniel didn’t do, which caught the attention of God and kings alike.

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Original Title: Daniel the Prophet. New, updated edition.

Riches and honour and life are the remuneration of humility and of the fear of the LORD. Proverbs 22:4

God will exalt us when the time is right. We needn’t try to promote ourselves; we needn’t struggle for position. Let God put us where He wants us and let us be true to God. It is better for a man to be right with God, even if he holds no great earthly position. It is honest and humble men whom God will promote, if He so desires.

This study illustrates what Daniel did, and also what Daniel didn’t do, which caught the attention of God and kings alike. Few are the men in history of Daniel’s caliber, even though the principles he followed can be implemented by all. Are you ready to be a truly great man, one that will cause God and men to take notice?


About the Author

Dwight L. Moody, determined to make a fortune, arrived in Chicago and started selling shoes. But Christ found him and his energies were redirected into full-time ministry. And what a ministry it was. Today, Moody’s name still graces a church, a mission, a college, and more. Moody loved God and men, and the power of a love like that impacts generations.


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1 review for Daniel, Man of God (eBook)

  1. Kristen

    Daniel: Man of God by Dwight L. Moody is an Aneko Press Christian Classic published in 2018. Dwight L. Moody (1837-1899) traveled an estimated 1 million miles, preached to more than 1 million people, and had a number of works published. Daniel: Man of God, a short book of only 7 chapters, is a personal invitation into the lives of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and Nebuchadnezzar. While many people know the story of Daniel and the lions’ den or of the fiery furnace, this book provides a deeper look into the entire time period in a very easy-to-read manner. It will also help modern Christians reflect upon certain circumstances – such as when Daniel and his friends refuse to eat food from the king.

    Even though this book was first published in 1884, people today might still react the same way – “when in Rome, do as the Roman does” – how can Daniel expect to live according to his religion in a foreign land? Too many people would take the easy way out and this book provides a great reminder that devotion and love of the Lord is really important.

    We are reminded again and again that God was with the Jews while they were in Babylon by Moody in Daniel: Man of God. An example is provided in Daniel – his faith was very strong. God is “able to deliver” the men from the extreme heat of the furnace but Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did not claim that God would deliver them. In the furnace there were four men. Wonderful advice is provided by Moody – “dare to do right; dare to be true; dare to be honest” (30).

    In addition to the more recognizable stories from the book of Daniel, Moody also looks at the time when Nebuchadnezzar goes mad but then regains his sanity and attains a new spirit. Just like men today, he was thinking and doing things as if his success was a result of his own power – not that of God’s. We also read about Belshazzar and Darius.

    Through the story of the lions’ den, Moody reminds us that “the world will persecute a man if he attempts to live the life of a true Christian” (58) but Daniel was courageous and did not let vanity or warnings of persecution compromise his sense of love and duty to God.

    I really enjoyed reading Daniel: Man of God by Moody. In the past, I have found reading Dwight L. Moody a little laborious but this book was very difficult to put down – I enjoyed it that much. I would recommend it to those who enjoy reading Christian classics, to those individuals who wish to know more about the book of Daniel, or those interested in reading more from Dwight L. Moody.

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