Danny Orlis and the Big Indian and Second String Forward


Book 11
When their plane is sabotaged, Danny befriends the troublemaker. Seeing the power of love and forgiveness, his cousin Bob also decides to follow Christ. However, Bob later has doubts that Danny attempts to help him overcome.

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Danny Orlis and his cousin Bob leave school in Colorado to return home to Minnesota after Danny’s dad is injured in a mysterious plane crash. But when Danny discovers the person responsible for his dad’s injury, he courageously risks his life to help the man and his family. The man is transformed by Danny’s love and care, and Bob also wishes to have the same courage God gave Danny.


Danny Orlis Second String Forward

Danny and his cousin Bob, now a follower of Jesus, return to Iron Mountain where the basketball season is ramping up. However, a contest to determine the starting team brings out the worst in some of the players. Danny must keep his cool and forgive, even when pushed to the limit. Meanwhile, due to an emphasis on evolution in his biology class, Bob begins to question the Bible. Danny and his cousins learn to trust in the Lord, even when asked hard questions.


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