Danny Orlis Plays Hockey


Book 16
Labeled a quitter after making the difficult decision to leave the football team, Danny must work hard to earn the respect of his classmates and secure a spot on the hockey team.

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Danny Orlis is labeled a quitter after making the difficult decision to stop playing football, triggering the hockey team to distance themselves from him. However, Danny is convinced that the Lord wants him to be involved, aiming to serve as a positive influence for Christ. His commitment is put to the test when he injures his hand in a trapping accident, endangering not only his life but also jeopardizing his chances of remaining on the hockey team.

Despite these challenges, Danny perseveres to win the respect of his teammates, discovering that faithfulness ultimately pays off. Off the ice, Danny and his friends learn that consistently living for the Lord, regardless of what others may say or do, truly makes a difference.


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