Responding to the Mormon Missionary Message

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Learn how to share the gospel with Latter-day Saints by first understanding the teachings they follow.

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Amazon B&N Nook Google Play Apple iBooks The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) has 90,000 missionaries in the field, seeking to convert members of Christian churches. Because the lessons these missionaries teach represent the core claims of Mormonism, this book interacts with those lessons from a biblical perspective.

Written and edited by former Mormons who are now Christians, it includes insider knowledge, personal stories, cultural insights, evangelistic wisdom, and best practices from former LDS missionaries themselves, to help Christians fortify their own faith while learning how to share their faith wisely and effectively with Latter-day Saints.


I loved this book! There is a lot of wisdom here for the compassionate Christian who wants to be effective in witnessing to the Mormon missionary, returned missionary, or their LDS neighbor.
Dr. Paul Robie
Founding pastor of Utah’s largest church, South Mountain Community Church

LDS missionaries are coming, and they need you to engage them with the good news that faith alone in Christ alone saves! This book fills a major void in equipping Christians to that end.
Dr. Bryan Hurlbutt
Lead pastor of Lifeline Community in West Jordan, Utah

For the Christian who wants to better communicate with those Mormons who come to their doors, as well as with their Mormon friends and family members, this resource will prove to be an educational primer in considering the fundamental concepts of Mormonism.
Eric Johnson
Cohost of Viewpoint on Mormonism

I recommend this book to anyone seeking to better understand and talk with their LDS friends.
Sandra Tanner
President of Utah Lighthouse Ministry

This is an excellent resource for Christians who desire to understand and witness to Mormon missionaries. Readers should discover insights that enable them to have fruitful discussions with LDS missionaries.
Dr. Lynn Wilder
Founder of Ex-Mormon Christians United for Jesus

This is the perfect book for any Christian who wants to understand his Mormon neighbors.
Jeremy Howard
Staff pastor at Orchard Hills Bible Church in Payson, UT


About the Author

Corey Miller, PhD, was born in Utah as a seventh-generation Mormon. His ancestor was a polygamist and one of Joseph Smith’s bodyguards. Miller is president and CEO of Ratio Christi (, a campus apologetics evangelism ministry on 150 campuses. He has four graduate degrees and has taught nearly one hundred college courses in philosophy and religion, including at Indiana and Purdue universities. He is the author of Is Faith in God Reasonable: Debates in Philosophy, Science, and Rhetoric; Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds; In Search of the Good Life: Through the Eyes of Aristotle, Maimonides, and Aquinas; and Engaging with Mormons. He and his family reside in Indiana.

Ross Anderson, DMin, was born in Utah and was raised LDS. After leaving Mormonism as a young adult, he pursued a Master of Divinity degree and a Doctor of Ministry degree. Anderson has served as a church planter and pastor in Utah for four decades and is currently a teaching pastor at Alpine Church. He is the executive director of Utah Advance Ministries and the founder of the Faith after Mormonism project and the Culture-Wise podcast. Ross has authored various books, including Understanding the Book of Mormon, Understanding Your Mormon Neighbor, and Jesus without Joseph – a study guide for former Mormons. Ross is an avid cyclist and reader. He and his wife, Sally, are parents to five adult children.


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