The 99 Names of God


This book presents and substantiates the 99 names of God, giving us an objective understanding of who God really is.

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Blessed is the name of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honor. – Rahman 55:78

Who is God? Men have come up with a wide range of answers to this age-old question. But a careful study of the Qur’an and the Bible reveal answers that may surprise you. This book presents and substantiates the 99 names of God, giving us an objective understanding of who God really is.

A few of the names of God:

El-Ahad: There is none other besides Him.
El-Basir: He sees and hears all things.
El-Basit: He extends His mercy to whom He wills.
Ed-Darr: He sends affliction as well as blessing.
El-Ghaffar: He is ever ready to pardon and forgive.
El-Hadi: He leads and guides in safe paths.
El-Hafid: He abases some while He exalts others.
El-Halim: He is both forgiving and kindly disposed.
El-Hayy: He is the source of all life.
El-Jami: He gathers all men to an appointed Day.
El-Jelil: He alone is mighty and great.
El-Kahhar: He powerfully avenges and overcomes all.
El-Kerim: He is liberal in His generosity.
El-Mughni: He provides bounty and supplies others needs.
El-Mujib: He answers prayers when his servants call.
El-Muntekim: He will avenge all wrongs done.
Es-Sabur: He is very patient and slow to punish.
Es-Selam: His name is Peace.
Zül’-Jelal-i ve’l-Ikram: All majesty and honor belongs to Him.


About the Author

Dan Wickwire was born in California in 1951 and grew up in the city of Bakersfield. His military service included three years in the U.S. army, during which he was trained as a medic, a paratrooper, and a Green Beret. He served a tour of duty as a combat medic in Vietnam.


Dan’s education includes:

  • Bakersfield College, earning an associate’s degree in liberal arts.
  • Multnomah School of the Bible, studying Bible, Hebrew, and Greek, and earning a bachelor’s degree in theology.
  • Columbia Biblical Seminary & School of Missions, earning a master’s degree in Bible.
  • Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL); the University of Texas at Arlington; and the University of Oklahoma at Norman, studying linguistics. Dan earned a master’s degree in linguistics at Pacific Western University.
  • Ankara University in Ankara, Turkey, completing one year of doctoral studies in Islamics in the Department of Islamic Theology.

Dan is married to Devri and is the father of three sons: Derek Yekta, Andrew Nadir, and Peter Can. He is an ordained minister who has served as a church planting missionary in Turkey for twenty-eight years. Dan and Devri currently reside in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


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