The Secret of a Happy Day

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In The Secret of a Happy Day, J. Wilbur Chapman offers a heartfelt exploration of the timeless comfort found in Psalm 23.

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An Inspiring 31-Day Devotional

In The Secret of a Happy Day, J. Wilbur Chapman offers a heartfelt exploration of the timeless comfort found in Psalm 23. This 31-day devotional illuminates the profound truths and enduring promises within David’s ancient song, revealing its relevance and power to uplift souls regardless of life’s circumstances. Chapman, with the wisdom of a seasoned pastor, invites readers on a daily journey through “The Shepherd’s Song,” to a place where every need is met, fear is dispelled, and eternal goodness and mercy are assured.

Through an intimate introduction and thoughtful breakdown, Chapman delves into the six divisions of the psalm — Possession, Position, Promise, Progress, Provision, and Prospects — each representing a facet of the Christian’s walk with the Good Shepherd. Readers are encouraged to reflect on the Lord’s shepherding presence that guides through green pastures, restores the soul, and offers comfort even in the darkest valleys.

The readings of The Secret of a Happy Day are an invitation to experience the deep and personal love of God anew. As you journey through each day with Chapman, let the truths of Psalm 23 transform your understanding of God’s presence in your life and lead you into a deeper, more joyous relationship with Him. Whether standing beside the grave of buried hopes or basking in the sunshine of God’s love, this book promises to be a source of comfort, strength, and inspiration, helping you to live out the serene trust and unshakeable peace that David himself experienced.


About the Author

Wilbur Chapman (1859-1918) was an American evangelist, pastor, and author known for his dynamic preaching style and evangelistic campaigns. He began his pastoral ministry in 1882, serving in several churches before becoming the pastor of Bethany Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia in 1890. Chapman’s ministry gained widespread attention for his emphasis on personal salvation and the power of prayer. He resigned from his pastoral position in 1903 to devote himself full-time to evangelistic work, teaming up with gospel singer Charles Alexander to conduct successful campaigns across the United States and abroad. Chapman’s legacy lives on through his writing and the numerous pastors and evangelists he influenced.


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