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  • Jesus Came to Save Sinners (MP3 CD)

    A thorough message of salvation by faith in Christ, by the “prince of preachers, Charles H. Spurgeon. Updated edition.

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  • The Overcoming Life (MP3 CD)

    MP3 CD version of The Overcoming Life, narrated by Lyle Blaker. Plays in newer car CD players, computers, and MP3 players.

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  • The Garden of Eden

    The KathIrene Kids Bible Series is bringing the truth and love of Jesus to children everywhere

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  • The Power of the Blood of Jesus

    Seek to enter more deeply into the perfect reconciliation with God, which is yours by the shed blood of Christ.

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  • Surprised by Faith

    This book confronts false stereotypes and examines the astonishing body of scientific and historical evidence supporting the truth that God exists and cares about people’s future.

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  • The First Marriage

    The KathIrene Kids Bible Series is bringing the truth and love of Jesus to children everywhere.

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  • In the Beginning

    Do you want your children to love God and go to heaven?

    Do you want them to learn more about Jesus and the Bible?

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  • American Christianity’s Adultery with Secular Culture

    Unless we reverse course by embracing the complete, absolute truth of God’s Word and stop trying to redefine God in our selfish human image, only a remnant will remain from a once-powerful church.

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  • Agape’s Children

    How much love does it take to reach beyond their outward appearance to redeem the lives of these little people? As much love as one can give, and then some. It requires Agape love, the kind that comes from God.

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  • The Holy War

    Written four years after The Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan followed up with this second allegorical classic, which has touched hearts and minds of readers for generations.

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  • My Secret Loss

    We were told it would be easy. We thought it was the best choice; but now we suffer with the consequences, the regular reminders, a sense of guilt, and a sense of shame. Discover the path to peace, healing that is only possible through the saving grace of Jesus.

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  • Uncommon Character (Hardcover)

    Hardcover Edition
    These are unique tales told with zest; these are unforgettable tales to long treasure. Enjoy the exciting portraits; then share them in family, church, workplace, outreach, and educational settings because that’s where they began, and that’s why they were written.

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