Disciple-Making Encounters

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Walk with me on a journey with simple but transformational steps and make a revolutionary change in your Sunday School preparation and presentation.

Teacher preparation for Sunday School can become monotonous and routine. But when you open God’s Word and encounter Him in personal Bible study, your life as a teacher will be radically changed.

That first encounter with God prepares you and transforms your presentation from a predictable lesson to a facilitator-led, revolutionary, classroom encounter with God. Your purpose and your passion will focus on directing those in your group to meet God and be inspired by an encounter with Him in His Word.

Walk with me on a journey with simple but transformational steps and make a revolutionary change in your Sunday School preparation and presentation.


About the Author

Darryl H. Wilson graduated from Belmont University (BA, 1982) and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv/CE, 1985 and EdD, 2003). He began teaching Sunday School at age nineteen. Since 1997, he has served God and 2,400 churches as the Sunday School & Discipleship Consultant for the Kentucky Baptist Convention. These years, following fourteen years of church staff experience in Kentucky and South Carolina, added passion for the church and Sunday School. He has authored The Sunday School Revolutionary blog for ten years and serves on the Faculty and Academic Council for Rockbridge Seminary. Darryl and his wife have two sons and a granddaughter. For fun, he enjoys reading, golf, chess, and the beach.


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4 reviews for Disciple-Making Encounters

  1. Mary

    Have you ever wondered how to put the “Great Commission” into a daily walk? Witnessing doesn’t have to be difficult it’s a part of the very day life of a Believer and Teacher. So the question is, how do you put into words, what someone can see in your life?

    This book appeals to Christians to be educated, prepared, and watchful to experiences that present themselves in sometimes small and very large life circumstances. To be prepared to offer the relief, comfort, and peace a relationship with God can have for any one who chooses and to be able to relay that is the greatest rewarding vocation there is.

    As a leader in the areas of addiction and abuse for new believers group study, and accountability partnering, if I miss an opportunity I have not helped a life to renew and advance to into significant healing. This book is written to help you understand those experiences and make the most of them for your part in God’s plan. Most importantly to be prepared. Not by force, but by His spirit. This book uses scripture to support the outlined processes and is a value to any person who teaches or leads by example. It is an uncomplicated and easy to read outline for your walk.

    I have received a review copy from Aneko Press. The opinions expressed are my own.

  2. Steph J

    Disciple-making encounters is a great book for those who are leaders in the church or any Christian who wants to learn how to disciple others. This book will help give you practical ways that you can disciple others and help you apply them in your life. It makes a great Christian resource too as it has so much information on discipleship.
    Something that I really liked was the author mentions that as Christians it’s valuable for us to meditate, memorize, and learn scripture. I recommend this book for all Christians.
    *I received a free copy from Aneko press for my honest opinion.

  3. Kristen

    Disciple-Making Encounter: Revolutionary Sunday School by Darryl Wilson is an excellent book with ideas regarding leading Sunday School or Bible Study classes that can be applied to many educational encounters. Even though I do not lead a class, I found this book to be very valuable. I would encourage any Christian teacher to read it as it will aid them in their religious teaching. It also has other lessons that can be applicable to almost any subject such as the fact that “most teachers plan and attempt to cover too much too fast” (36). Unfortunately, a lot of teachers suffer from the idea they want to ‘cover’ material rather than actually teach it.

    Learning requires so much from both the teacher and the learner. Disciple-Making Encounters helps educators realize that “permanent life change demands more than personal determination, it requires the Holy Spirit within us” (72).

    There are only two points that bothered me as an educator: 1) Wilson’s discussion of illness and medication and their impact and 2) the control a teacher has over the physical environment. In my years as a public school teacher, I found that in many cases teachers really have no control over their own or another’s illness or the location of their class. I think this point needs to clarified. There are some who may feel they are not succeeding when things are really beyond their control.

    Even with these two concerns, I would recommend this book to others: specifically, teachers, ministers, and homeschoolers. It would also be helpful to those who are studying the Bible by themselves for it presents many important questions and ideas that would help someone prepare for their time with God.

    I received a free copy of Disciple-Making Encounters from Aneko Press for my honest opinion.

  4. Amy

    An encouraging book to help you hit the ground running. Wonderful Bible citation and clear writing style. The Word made applicable for this face time starved society.

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