Boldly I Obey

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The incredible true story of a farmer and his family who sold everything and moved to Brazil as missionaries. Follow their adventures and misadventures – laugh, cry, and praise the Lord along with the Edwards family.

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“In the light of eternity, how important is it?”

As one of Max Edwards’ favorite sayings, these words depict Max’s life, which was characterized by laying aside the things of mere earthly importance—a successful farming career, a comfortable home, closeness to friends and family—for pursuits of eternal significance instead.

From obedience in day-to-day decisions to uprooting his whole family, Max strove to accomplish whatever God would have him do. Following God’s call, he, his wife, Dixie, and their children left all that they knew to go to Brazil as missionaries.

Through all the adventures and uncertainties, and with each new opportunity, Max and Dixie boldly followed God. As they obeyed, they saw his faithfulness in their lives, from developing camping ministries to bringing God’s light to places crippled with spiritism.


About the Author

Danna Jo Matsuki is the daughter of Jan Edwards Dormer and granddaughter of Max and Dixie Edwards. Beginning with her childhood as a missionary kid, she has lived and traveled throughout the world. Her academic background is in history, and she is always seeking to learn new things. She and her husband, Shogo, and their two little boys live in Michigan. She spends most of her days toddler wrangling while studying Japanese and writing books on the side.


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