Filomena: Daughter of Light

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A Colombian woman’s incredible journey to freedom in Christ.

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Juan Féliz’s mother lost her breast milk when he was still a small baby. With no money to buy powdered milk or to take him to the doctor, she did the best she could to keep him alive by feeding him yuca water and other foods from the jungle. He survived, but barely.

Though timid and fearful, Filomena, his oldest sister, grabbed the opportunity to go far away into a more developed area of Colombia to earn money to help her baby brother. Circumstances intervened, and she ended up in the United States. What will happen to her family left in the far-away jungle? Will Juan Féliz ever be able to walk?


About the Author

Filomena left her home in the jungle when she was about twenty years old, to earn money to help a handicapped brother.  Circumstances brought her all the way to Florida, where she adapted to life in America.  The plight of her family called her back in 2001. Since then, she has made several trips to help, bringing clothing and other needed items. But best of all, she has given them the message of Jesus Christ.  Filomena lives in Florida with her husband, Bill.  They have one daughter and three grandchildren.