Overcoming Addiction

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The biblical path towards freedom leaves addiction in the past as your future unfolds in wonder and in joy. When you put this book down, you will know, “With the Lord’s help, I can do this.”

Opening a book about addiction can be scary, whether you have an addiction yourself or love someone else who does. Certain things are hard to hear. This is not the guilt-filled lecture though. This is more like a letter from a friend, someone you love who wants to lead you to freedom and joy. You will be able to read this book over and over again, like any good letter you cherish.

Every year, more than 70 million people of the Christian faith are said to be dealing with addiction in some form or another. You are not alone. You may have faith to move mountains, yet find yourself caught in addiction. You may have lost faith. Or, you may just need encouragement.

Overcoming Addiction will introduce you to good reasons to do good things for yourself and others. The biblical path towards freedom leaves addiction in the past as your future unfolds in wonder and in joy. When you put the book down, you will know, “With the Lord’s help, I can do this.”


About the Author

Elizabeth A. Shartle, Esq., PCC-S, is a licensed attorney building a law practice in Ohio, where thousands of families have been devastated by the opiate epidemic.  She is also a licensed professional clinical counselor with a master’s degree from Liberty University. Prior to law school, she spent years counseling clients who struggled with substance abuse, addiction, and other mental health disorders. She now provides legal counsel in areas where addiction, mental health, and the law intersect.




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5 reviews for Overcoming Addiction

  1. Bethany McGraw

    This book was written as if the author was right there talking with you. She writes from experience and from a heart that genuinely desires to help others. I came away from reading the book with ideas on how not only to implement her points in my own life but also how to encourage others to do the same.

  2. April

    This is a book written as if you are hearing from a friend who has been there. This book is ideal for helping people overcome their addictions no matter what they are addicted to. It is accessible and easy to read but profound in understanding.

  3. Jeremy

    Very relatable book about addiction. No matter if you’re dealing with addiction in any form or dealing with someone in addiction there is something for you in this book. There is hope, and this book is very encouraging and the analogies are very helpful to understand addiction.

  4. Mary

    I have been collecting addiction reference books and devotionals for years from various authors and organized recovery programs.  It has been rare that I’ve found an all inclusive description of the methods and examples of behavior scenarios than this book, plus scripture to back it up.  It is easy to read and apply, chapter by chapter, step by step with insights and understanding.  For years the field of recovery left an addict such as myself, on my own, with platitudes, slang phrases and verses I was unable to process even within a recovery group environment.  This book is written in an easy to understand style.

    I don’t believe there’s a better teacher for the wounded than the walking healing wounded.  Let me face it all. I was as an addict, in general fearful, embarrassed, did hold an unwillingness to step out in recovery, plus was downright lazy.  If you are ready to take this step out, use this book, plus your Bible, it’s written just for you.  You are not alone.  I would also emphasize this book as great reference material for leaders, sponsors, and mentors.

    I have received a review copy of this book from Aneko Press. The opinions expressed are my own. God Bless your recovery.

  5. Jackie Rylander (verified owner)

    This book is amazing and really brings forth the need for right thinking. The scriptures throughout encourage the reader. I found the book to be very enlightening and am rereading it because of the wealth of information it includes. Thank you Elizabeth for writing in an open and honest manner and providing hope for changed lives. God bless you!

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