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Every person’s success or sorrow de­pends on his attitude towards temptation.

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Recognizing and Overcoming Temptation

We are out of Paradise now, but the tree of temptation still stands in our life where it stood then – in the middle, where all the roads meet, where we must pass it every day. Every person’s success or sorrow de­pends on the attitude to it that he adopts.

There are six attitudes we can have in regard to temptation:

  1. We may be tempted.
  2. We may have fallen before temptation.
  3. We may be tempting others.
  4. We may be successfully resisting temptation.
  5. We may have outlived, or overcome, certain temptations.
  6. We may be assisting others to overcome their temptations.

In this short book, James Stalker explores each of these six attitudes we can have towards temptation, and how to best overcome the temptations we face.


About the Author

James Stalker was born in Crieff, Scotland, on February 21, 1848. He was educated at the University of Edinburgh, and he was ordained as a minister of the Free Church of Scotland in 1874. He began his ministry at St. Brycedale, in Kirkcaldy, in that same year, and in 1887 he began pastoral duties at St. Matthew’s in Glasgow. He was also a professor of church history at the Free Church College in Glasgow. James Stalker was a widely known preacher of his day in Scotland and America. He also authored many books, the two best known of which are his Life of Jesus Christ and his Life of St. Paul. James Stalker died on February 5, 1927.


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